Ready, Set…Sale!

I love the thrill of a bargain, and I have to admit, I get it honestly.  Growing up, I was among a clan of chic and well-dressed women who took shopping seriously.  It wasn’t just something we did to fill a need – it was elevated to almost sport-like status.  We would delight in telling each other how much we paid for something – or rather, how little – when we were complimented. It went something like this:

“Oh, Teena, I just love your blouse – it’s gorgeous!” Then Aunt Teena, a petite redhead who was always stylish and memorable in her own way, would strike a pose and very matter-of-factly inform us, “Anne Klein – $29.99 from Steinmart!” with the pride one would normally reserve for a noteworthy accomplishment.  But heck, I guess saving 75% or more on something that looks fabulous can be pretty noteworthy.


 With sale season upon us it’s time to prepare your closet for some new finds.  But before you hit the stores, I want to give you a little primer on how exactly to navigate the sales so that you can come home with some new favorites, rather than more one-hit-wonders.  Here are my best tips to consider when shopping the sales:

1/ Do You Love It?

The beauty of shopping a sale is that you may find something you absolutely love that you would never have found – or bought – were it not on sale.  Personally, I have some great finds that I found on the clearance rack that are still some of my favorites to this day.  But I have also brought home plenty of dogs just because they were a ‘deal’. 

2/ Can You Make at Least 3 Outfits with It?

While it’s wonderful to bring home a gorgeous new jacket, if you’re now going to have to search high and low for something to go with it, forget it.  If it doesn’t fit in with your current wardrobe, it may not be the right choice for you.  If you’re also buying items that can mix and match with it, then you’ll know how to wear it.  Avoid anything that doesn’t go with what you already go.

3/ Never Sacrifice Fit

Just because it’s half-price doesn’t mean you can automatically squeeze yourself into a skirt that’s 2 sizes too small.  I’ve heard women say they don’t care what size it is, they’re buying it because they love it that much and are willing to sacrifice fit (and flattery).  But while they may try to wear it out once or twice, the chance of that item becoming a new fave is slim to none and is money down the drain.

There you have it.  Three simple steps that can save you from making a grave mistake in your wardrobe and can guide you towards building a wardrobe you love!

So go forth, enjoy the sales and let me know what kind of great bargains you score!

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