Refresh Your Look For Fall

Refresh Your Look For Fall

As we enter the fall season, a very busy time of year now is the time to reassess your look.  Chances are your social calendar is filling up fast and pretty soon you’re not going to have time to breathe, much less think about making a change.  Now is the time to refresh and revamp your image and see how it can invigorate your life!

I’ve begun making some changes lately.  I’m wearing more jewelry, have been experimenting with different ways to wear my hair and mixing what’s in my closet in new and different ways.  It’s a surefire way to bust out of a rut and give me a fresh perspective!

 What are you ready to change?  Making small changes are a great way to breathe new life into your look. It doesn’t have to be expensive or a complete overhaul.  Sometimes one simple change can yield big results, so discover what changes you can make now that will help you feel more like your best you!  Follow these steps and see how subtle changes can make you feel fresh and up to date, and avoid feeling frumpy and frazzled:

1/ Reassess Your Hairstyle/Color:

As we age, the texture of our hair changes as well as the color.  I’m loving the color of my hair, but have noticed that after sun, salt and sand It has become drier and more frizzy than I would like.  I’m going this week to have a few inches cut off, fresh color and a deep conditioning treatment to restore my hair so that it looks luxurious and feels great!

Make an appointment with your stylist (or a new one) and discuss what’s working, what’s not working and how you can make a change, whether subtle or dramatic, that will bring your look up to date.  Having a dated hairstyle is one of the fastest ways to look matronly, not to mention feel frumpy.  Take in pics of styles you like (take your face shape into account) and be open to suggestions. Your stylist knows what the latest trends are in color and styling, not to mention products and tools.  Take the time to learn to care for your hairstyle the proper way to ensure that you get maximum leverage from it!

2/ Makeover Your Makeup:

As the seasons change, so should the colors you wear on your face.  Make an appointment with a professional at a makeup counter, or an in-home service and have your face ‘done’.  Be open to possibilities, but also be real.  If you’re never going to use more than a few products, let your makeup artist know so they can tailor a makeup routine to you.  Learn what the hot colors are for the season, and what looks best on you.

Also, now is the time to reassess your skincare.  Great skin is the best foundation for great looking makeup, so take the time to learn about products and solutions that can help you look your very best.

Also, keep in mind any special occasions that you may have and try both daytime and evening looks. Take note of products and application methods.  Invest in the tools to apply your makeup well, and don’t be afraid to take classes, read books or ask a pro for advice on how to do it yourself.  Just don’t feel pressured into anything you don’t really want.  When you can respect your boundaries and buy only what you want or need, it’s a win-win.

Once you have your new products, give your makeup drawer a makeover.  Clean out anything that is old, broken, in bad repair or you can’t remember the last time you used it. Your makeup will feel fresh and you’ll look forward to putting it on.

3/ Take Stock of your Accessories:

Going into fall means that the weather fluctuates between warm and cool for a while.  We still have one foot in summer, so learning to give your summer clothes a fall spin is key for bridging the gap between the seasons. Accessories are your secret weapon. Take a chic lace top from summer and pair it with a pair of dark jeans or modern fit pants.  Then pull on a sweater or vest that has a fall look, add a few more substantial accessories and voila!  You’ve taught your wardrobe how to multitask!

A chic new pair of peep-toe booties, wedges or boots can take your summer staples into fall without missing a beat.  Add in some weightier jewelry, a new handbag, a great belt and see the possibilities for new outfits start to come together.  Buy several things that relate to each other to create an accessory capsule and you’ll see how this one capsule can transform your look!

I want you go into fall with a fresh attitude, a bold spirit and an image that is all you!  Find what makes your heart sing and wear more of it! And remember, dress like you mean it!

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