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A Style Success System designed to 

Build a raving loyal fan base

Increase per ticket sale and overall revenue

Create a consistent customer experience


For years I felt frustrated and stressed about getting dressed. And I hated to go shopping. Now, everyday I get up knowing what to wear for the day. I walk out the door looking amazing and feeling confident and beautiful.

Krista C.

End the frustration and stress training your team

Help your clients know what style works for their body

Become a Style Boss Master



We get you. We know how hard it is to run a clothing boutique, handle the day-to-day tasks, let alone train your staff so they can style a client like you can. No matter your client’s age, body type, or style, training your staff to consistently outfit your clients can be frustrating. How do you take what you know about style and working with a client and clone you so each of your team members is like a mini-style master?Your clients need help understanding their style. That is why they come to you. Knowing how to wear clothes that will flatter their body style can be confusing and stressful. Shopping for clothes shouldn’t be a stressful experience. We can help.

Have you have ever been in your store, watched a team member work with a client and felt this sense of anxiety and stress as you wished your team was more consistent in their style advice. We get you.

Nobody should have to experience stress and frustration trying to run a store, manage inventory, pay the bills, fix everything under the sun, AND STILL have to worry about if your clients are getting the best style experience possible. We have helped 1000s of women know what to wear and how to it wear it using the Retail Secrets of Style System.

Our bodies change over the years. What we wore a few years ago, or a decade or two ago, may not look the same today. We feel teaching your staff the fine art getting dressed should be effortless. There are more important things to do in your day besides feeling overwhelmed and frustrated about lagging ticket sales, and missed opportunities.

You  need a plan. You need a consistent style system to deliver to your team what is right for your store. A plan that will help you build raving fans who are excited to wear your clothes and spread the word about your store. A plan that will give you the freedom that you desire as a hardworking boutique owner. A plan that will not only help you build your average ticket sale, but also create amazing ‘a-ha’ moments for your clients who are sure to shop with you again and again.

Don’t be one of many boutiques that close because they failed to offer a consistent customer style experience. Escape from the business trap of trying to do everything yourself.  Feel the difference between a struggling store and one that has customer coming in droves.

Don’t waste on another social media marketing program or post another image that doesn’t resonate with your clients.  Be confident in knowing your staff are well trained style masters.

Join the Retail Secrets of Style series today. Why? Because you deserve a store with raving fans, a consistent staff, and the freedom as an owner to do what you love.


  • Retail Style Success System:
  • 8 Steps to Training your Staff


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I cant say it any other way. Style Made Simple changed by life. I would stand in my closet in tears looking at all my clothes and not knowing what to wear. I feel such a sense of relief getting dressed and not having to think about does this look right.

Julie F.