Rock Your Dress this Spring Checklist

Looking your best for a special occasion doesn’t have to be hard but it does take some planning.  Follow these steps to ensure that you have everything you need to look your beautiful best!

1/ It’s All About the Dress- About a month ahead of time (or more) start looking for your dress.  This gives you time to find the perfect dress, have it tailored and put your whole outfit together the way you’d like.

 *Shop for a dress when you don’t need one, or are relaxed enough to enjoy the experience and it will make all the difference!

2/ Fit – If your dress doesn’t fit perfectly off the rack, a great tailor can help.

3/ Underneath it All – What you wear under your dress is almost as important as the dress itself.  Take your dress with you to shop for shapewear to ensure you get the right undergarments.

 4/ Jewelry – The right jewelry completes the look.  Don’t wear pieces that are too matchy-matchy, but look for things that relate to each other for best effect.  If the dress has a lot of detail around neckline or bodice, skip a necklace and go bolder on your earrings and bracelet.
5/ Purse
– Not just any old purse will do.  For dressy occasions, a clutch is apropos.  Choose one that you love and that makes a statement, rather than pulling out the same old one you’ve had for years and is looking tired.

6/ Shoes – While shoes can make or break an outfit, don’t sacrifice comfort for style.  Find shoes that look great AND feel good and you’ll be dancing the night away.  Skip the expected beige or black and opt for a metallic or embossed animal print (such as python).  You’ll look up to date and right on trend!

*Breaking in new shoes at an event is no fun.  Wear them a few times, even around the house, to scuff the soles and break them in.  Foot petals food pads can help make your shoes much more comfortable. 

7/ Cover Up – Do you get chilly?  Don’t want to show your arms?  Then a wrap, shrug or cardigan is for you.  Take time to find the right one.  Keep a picture of your dress in your phone so if you spot something you can grab it, or take your dress with you to be sure you find the perfect piece!

 8/ Hair – How will you wear your hair for the big event?  Practice your style weeks ahead of time, or plan a trip to your stylist on the big day.  It may be fun to try something different for the day!

9/ Makeup – A special event is a great excuse to update your makeup!  Have your makeup ‘done’ ahead of time by a professional to try out new colors and techniques.  Then practice at home so you can perfect your look for the big day, or schedule an appointment to have it done for you the day of.

10/Nail It –Well-groomed and manicured nails put the finishing touch on your look.  A classic French manicure is always in style, or choose a flattering color that will complement your dress.

Two weeks in advance

  • Have teeth whitened, if desired
  • Have a facial, but give yourself plenty of time to recuperate. Your skin may be red for a day or so afterwards, or blemishes may appear.

A week in advance

  • Have your brows waxed or threaded
  • Ensure your dress is steamed, pressed and checked over for threads

A day before

  • Have your mani/pedi done

Get plenty of rest, stay hydrated and do some form of exercise the day of to ensure you’re feeling energetic and looking great!  Now go and rock your dress!

Need help to find your perfect dress and accessories?  Our Stylista’s can help!  Stop in today or book your personal shopping appointment at StyleFinder Boutique by calling 919-454-3068.  We’ll help you to rock your dress (and your whole wardrobe) this season and beyond!

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