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Hi Brooke,

I am so happy you have decided to discover your true style through our proprietary StyleFinder ID® System.  It’s a wonderful tool that helps you understand how to dress authentically for who you are,  and to get in touch with your very own personal style.  Many women lose their sense of style after leading busy lives, or never really feel that they had a style to begin with. Discovering your style using our StyleFinder ID® System is a wonderful way to jump start your style and learn to dress like you mean it!

To take the StyleFinder ID® Assessment.

Click on the link: {page}


Answer the questions from where you’d like your style to be, not necessarily where it is right now.
There are no right or wrong answers.
If you have more than one answer for the multiple choice, simply select all that apply.
From here, we’ll determine your StyleFinder ID® and the results will be sent directly to your Certified Style Coach to help you further cultivate your style.  Your Style Coach will discuss the findings and how to incorporate your unique style words into your wardrobe and your life!

If you are new to StyleFinder, your username and password will be displayed below. This will allow you access to the StyleFinder App. One of the many cool features of the StyleFinder App is the ability to store your StyleFinder ID® Profile.  Search My StyleFInder in the App Store or click on one of the links below:

Apple: StyleFinder App – Apple

Android: StyleFinder App – Android

Please let me know if you have any questions about the StyleFinder ID® Assessment by emailing


Mary Michele, Kirsten and the StyleFinder Team


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