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The StyleFinder ID® Assessment is your unique style blueprint that takes the stress and guesswork out of shopping and getting dressed. It’s a guide to help you understand how to build your wardrobe; what to wear, what to stay away from, and how to put it all together.

Understanding your unique style is all about gaining clarity and confidence so that getting dressed is no longer daunting – but actually a pleasure!

Wouldn’t you like to know how to get your groove back? Your body, style and tastes tend to change with maturity. Sometimes other transitions in life, such as a shift in career or raising children, can have a negative impact on your “mojo”. We want to help you get it back!

Your StyleFinder ID® Blueprint can help you:
• Save time, money and energy when it comes to shopping and getting dressed
• Understand the difference between being “trendy” and being “on trend
• Know exactly where to spend money in your wardrobe and how to make your dollar stretch further than you ever imagined
• Feel fabulous – no ‘fixing’ necessary!
• Learn how to wear accessories and why they are so important
• Discover your “shadow side” and how to avoid it
• Feel like the beautiful, amazing woman you already are!

We have a saying at StyleFinder: “This is judgment-free zone”.

When you feel in touch with who you are, and you love how all the clothes in your closet make you feel (the ultimate goal), then you can’t help but feel relaxed, confident, and sexy!

Fewer than 5% of American women know what their style is. That 5% are immediately recognizable and stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. These are the people who always dress with confidence and consistency every time you see them. Do you know someone like this?

So what is the StyleFinder Personal Style experience all about? We are glad you asked.

In the Discovery Phase you will work one-on-one with a StyleFinder Certified Style Coach. She will help you define your very own Personal Style Profile by exploring The 5 Essential Elements all women need to know:
1. Personal Coloring
2. Face Shape
3. Body type
4. Personal Scale
5. Your Personal Style using our StyleFinder ID® Power Words and Archetype

From there you’ll move on to the Practical Application part of our journey. It is so much fun to play dress up and put your newfound information to practical use! This is where those “a-ha” moments happen.

Give yourself the gift the keeps on giving! We are confident that your personal StyleFinder wardrobe blueprint WILL HELP YOU feel relaxed, sexy and confident!

Dress Like You Mean It!

Discover Your Style

  • Full Master StyleFinder ID Assessment & Personalized Report
  • Elements of Style Cards
  • 30 mins Private Consultation (in store or virtual)

Master Your Style

  • Full Master StyleFinder ID Assessment & Personalized Report
  • Elements of Style Cards
  • Ultimate Total Body Matching System
  • 2 hour Private Shopping Experience (in store or virtual)
  • Wardrobe Strategy Session – bring in our clothing and we’ll conduct an audit to create new outfits capsules.
  • Personal Image Blueprint Workbook
  • Personal Style Journal
  • Ask about scheduling a 2-hr Closet Clarity Audit

Have Questions? We love to chat about style. Contact us below or call 919.454.3068

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