Spring Clean Your Style!

Spring Clean Your Style (1)

This time of year we can all benefit from a little spring cleaning, but your style might be one place where you haven’t given much thought to a little TLC.  Your image works hard for you but it also needs a little assistance once in a while.  Taking time out to refresh and renew your look can go a long way to helping you look your best season in and season out, without missing a beat!

When working with my clients it is my goal to educate and empower them to take their style into their own hands.  Nowhere is this more essential than when it comes to maintenance.  Once you have cultivated your sense of style and gotten your wardrobe to a place you love, don’t just stop there.  Great style takes ongoing attention and care to keep you looking chic and on-trend.

But where to start?  If you’re pulling out your spring clothes and accessories and haven’t looked at them since last year, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed.  Here are five easy steps to help you get a handle on your wardrobe and spring clean your style:

1/ Make Way – When pulling out your clothes from last season, what do you already know you want to toss?  Instead of agonizing over that item bought on sale and trying to work it in, alleviate the guilt and stress and let it go now.  You’ll feel liberated while making room for something far more wonderful to come into your closet.  Add to the pile anything that has stains, is ripped or doesn’t fit well, or is just worse for wear.  It’s past it’s prime and time to move on.   Do so gladly and embrace this new season with open arms.

2/ Assess Your Needs – Make a list of those items you tossed that need to be replaced.  Did your white jeans bite the dust last summer?  Add a new pair to the list.  Has your body changed shape?  Stop judging it and determine what you need right now.  Have you been lusting after a chic new tunic or two?  Put ’em on the list.

3/ Easy Updates –  To stay on trend, it’s important that you reassess your style each season.  Ask yourself what you want to wear this season.  If you’ve been dying to wear some of the season’s hottest modern fit pants, or try a graphic stripe maxi dress, this is your chance!  If you’re not sure, hop onto Pinterest to start your very own style board. Find colors you’re excited to wear, shapes you’d like to try and accessories that you feel are perfect for your style.

5/ KISS and Makeup – I encourage my clients to clean out their makeup drawers at the beginning of each season.  One client even wrote me a note telling me what a difference that made for her!  The simple act of getting rid of old makeup that she was ‘tolerating’ totally gave her a renewed energy and she felt great!  Weed out what’s old, broken or no longer serves you.  Make a list of what needs to be replaced, what new things you’d like to add and what you want to learn more about.  New eye and lipcolor are a wonderful way to refresh your image for spring, but don’t forget your foundation.  But be sure and keep it simple. Trying 25 products at the makeup counter may seem exciting, but buy only what you know you’ll wear, and what will get you out the door quickly each day.

As you make your way through this list, take some time and pour yourself a delicious beverage, put on some great music and get reacquainted with your spring clothing.  Pull out your core items and see what you can mix in to create ‘new’ outfits.  Try things in new combinations, mixing bold colors, prints and patterns in with your most neutral items, or adding an unexpected touch in your accessories.  Ask yourself what you’d really like to bring in that would work with what you already own.  Make a list, set a budget and then make a date with yourself to buy those items that will pull your style into the new season and set you up for a spring filled with style.

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