Stop!  Don’t Ever Buy These Three Things Again!

All women must have…; what every woman needs in her closet…; your wardrobe staples…

As a master style coach, these are words I never like to hear.  Why?  Because one size does not fit all.  One style does not work for every body type, age, style, etc.  Yet our culture is fraught with stereotypes that many women feel they must adhere to.

It’s time to STOP!  Take back your Fashion Independence!  And start experiencing style on your terms.  That’s right.

You have permission to say no.  No to anything that doesn’t feel right.  No to anything that doesn’t rock your world.  No to anything that doesn’t make you feel more connected to yourself.

Not that you need permission…you are the boss of you.

Let’s dig deeper.

1/ Clothes that Don’t Feel Right – Whether they’re too scratchy, too tight or just don’t feel good on, trust the feeling.  Your intuition is trying to tell you something.  And that something just may be that trying to dress like your grandmother in her heyday or your BFF on date night isn’t working for you. There’s something better.  Go find it.

2/ Clothes That Don’t Rock Your World – Why settle for mediocre? You were not created to be fine, ok or average.  You were born to be amazing, beautiful, fabulous and great!  If your clothes don’t spark your imagination and inspire you to be your best, ditch ’em.  And find something that lights you up!  Because girl, you’re worth it!

3/ Clothing that doesn’t make you feel more connected to yourself – Your clothing is like wearing your heart on your sleeve.  It’s showing the world who you are, mirroring your inner self for all the world to see.  When what you have on the outside does NOT match the inside, there’s a disconnect.  A big one.  And you can be that the feeling created is anything but good.  It’s anxiety, it’s unsettled-ness, it’s searching…Find what makes you feel more like YOU and you’ll feel as if you’ve come home.