Style Has Nothing to Do With Age (OMG)

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For years I have talked about dressing for your age, as well as who you are.  For years I have witnessed women who are wearing things that are too young for them and look like they are trying too hard.  Or women who are wearing things that make them look matronly.  I thought they were doing it all wrong.  I thought they were dressing too young, or too old.  Anything but what dressing for the age they were.  But there was something that didn’t click.

Then one day a client told me, “I don’t want to be age-appropriate!”  Whoa!  Really?  Who doesn’t want to be age-appropriate?  And then it hit me: “Style has nothing to do with age, and everything to do with who you are at your core!”

Yes, yes!  This felt right.  Because why is it that one woman can come in and rock a pair of cropped pants and a cute top and feel amazing, yet another sees it as ‘too young’?  Because they are confusing age with style.  And what’s right for your style, and your personal considerations, such as your changing body and your coloring, is going to be right for you no matter how old you are!

What if it were possible to have a style that would transcend the trends and allow you to look polished and put-together at every age?  What if you no longer had to worry about dressing for your age, and you could instead focus on dressing for your style?  What if looking great didn’t have to take so much effort and time?

It used to be that women would have a certain style.  That is, until they reached a ‘certain age’ and it no longer worked for them.  That age could be about the time they began to have kids, they quit working or menopause kicked in.  Then all hell would break loose on the fashion front as they struggled to know what worked for their bodies, their life, their style.

Take Lyn Slater, for example.  This ‘Accidental Icon’ and style powerhouse has stirred up quite a following in the fashion world, all because she showed up at fashion week decked out as…herself!  Lyn has a great sense of what works for her, and some of that flies in the face of fashion as we know it.  Much of what she wears pushes the envelope and is something many other 62-year old women wouldn’t be caught dead in.  Yet it works for her and she dresses like she means it!

What does Lyn know that we don’t?  Well, for one, herself!  She knows – without a doubt – what looks good on her.  And what doesn’t.  She rocks clothing with a carefree attitude – laced with rebellion – much like that of someone decades younger.  Yet the end result is nothing short of amazing.

Lyn is a testament to what is possible when you have an innate understanding of what’s right for who you are, inside and out.  And though her style may be much edgier than you dare to wear, what you can take from her chutzpah is this: confidence!  When Lyn puts on an (elaborate) outfit and steps out into the world, she feels like herself.  Not like she’s trying too hard to be something she’s not.  And that’s the real key here.  

Having a few ‘secret weapons’ in your arsenal can help too!  Those secret weapons can include”

  • Knowing what colors light you up and make you look gorgeous
  • Modern-fit pants in your favorite print to camouflage extra pounds
  • Amazing jewelry to pull your look together and bring focus to the face
  • Understanding how to dress for your shape and what your signature silhouettes are

There is no one-size-fits all approach to style.  Style is personal, and needs to be tweaked every so often to feel fresh and to feel that it’s all you.  When you can know yourself well enough to know what is really you, that is worth it’s weight in gold.  Yet so many women spend years – sometimes a lifetime – not having any idea what their style is or how to express it.

To look fabulous at every age, avoid looks that:

Are harsh
Are ill-fitting
Haven’t changed in years
Date you
Feel too stiff
Overwhelm you
Don’t feel like you
Make you feel like your mother
You feel you ‘should’ wear
You don’t love!

When you follow these simple guidelines, you are guaranteed to look your best no matter what your age.  When in doubt, ask yourself this time-tested question: “Do I love this on me?”  If the answer is yes, you’ll feel it in every fiber of your being.  If the answer is no, you’ll know immediately.  Don’t ignore it.  Honor it.  And let this feeling be your compass to guide you to a style that’s all you, every step of the way!

Need help?  Our StyleFinder ID System was created just for you, to help you look amazing whether you’re 17 or 70!  The principles we teach will last a lifetime and will help you to know what’s right for you, right now, as well as years from now.  Come into StyleFinder Boutique or call us at 919-454-3068 and discover your true style today!   


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