Style is Personal

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Style isn’t just about fashion or about clothing.  It’s everything you do.  Whether you realize it or not we all have our own style that infuses the way you dress, the way you write your thank you notes, the way you communicate and the way you decorate our home.

I’ve discovered that when women are connected to their own authentic style and they express that through their clothing, something magical happens.  Instead of looking like someone else, they become more themselves.  Have you ever put on a particular outfit and just felt, well, more you?  I have and I know how powerful that feeling can be.  When you step into your Signature Style and dress for the woman you truly are you become unstoppable and are able to live your life to the fullest.  You exude a confidence and an attitude that simply can’t be bought from a store or a designer label.  It comes from knowledge of who you are and what you want out of life.

You may be thinking to yourself, “I’m not sure what my style is.  How do I know what’s right for me?”  Well, I have two answers to that.  The first is trial and error, spending a lot of time and money guessing what works for you but not really knowing for sure.  Chances are this option will leave you with items hanging in your closet that you never even leave the house in, and still have the tags on them a year later.  This option is also expensive and frustrating.

Your other option is our StyleFinder ID® System.  I created this exactly for women like you who have lost touch with your style over the years, never really knew what your style was or are ready to redefine your style to feel more like you!  The StyleFinder ID® System will help you to pinpoint exactly what your style is and what the most important elements are that MUST be present every day for you to feel more like yourself.

If you’ve lost touch with your style, chances are you’re not dressing in a way that connects who you are on the inside to the outer expression of your style.  This leads to feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, as well as to not being at your very best.  When you discover your style, you’re empowered to create a style that is authentic and you feel great in, each and every day.  Follow these steps to discover your style and dress for who you truly are: 

1/ Define Your Style – If you haven’t already taken my proprietary StyleFinder ID® assessment, take our free mini-quiz.  It gives you one of your style power words and a starting point.

2/ Create your Style Story – This is like a vision board for your style.  Clip images, words, colors, etc. and create a collage that speaks to the look you want to create.  This is meant to inspire you, give you some direction and help you take your look in the right direction – the one that makes you smile!

3/ Find a Style Icon – This could be someone you know, a famous figure from history or a celebrity that’s hot right now.  It helps if this style icon has a similar body type to you, but primarily what you want to look for is their personal style and how they combine items to create outfits.  Take cues from their accessories, cuts and signature items.  This will give you cues to create new color combinations and outfits that are unexpected, but oh so right!

4/ Create Your Style Strategy – Once you know your style, you need a blueprint that can keep you on target.  Your Style Strategy will help you understand what core items to focus on, what accent items to bring in and how to create a consistent look that’s all your own, over and over.  It’s like your very own personalized recipe for style.  You’ll never again wonder what to wear, or if something is right for you.  When you have your strategy, you just know its right!

**Need help?  Our expertly trained Stylista’s and Certified Style Coaches can help you to be your best YOU in 2018.  Guiding you towards what’s right for you, and keeping you from making purchases you’ll regret, our team is here to help save you time, money and frustration.  Book your appointment today at StyleFinder by 919-454-3068 and make 2018 a year to remember for all the right reasons!



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