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Know what outfits to wear and how to wear them for life


For years I felt frustrated and stressed about getting dressed. And I hated to go shopping. Now, everyday I get up knowing what to wear for the day. I walk out the door looking amazing and feeling confident and beautiful.

Krista C.

End the frustration and stress of getting dressed

Learn what style works for your body

Become a Style Master



We get you. No matter what your age, your body type, your style. Figuring out what outfit to wear to an event can be frustrating. Knowing how to wear clothes that will flatter your body style can be confusing and stressful. Shopping for clothes can just be an experience.

Have you have ever walked into a store looked around and felt this sense of anxiety and stress trying to find something that fits and looks great? And the confusion about whether this outfit is right for you? We get you.

Nobody should have to experience stress and frustration when shopping, figuring out what to wear, or looking beautiful everyday. We have help 1000s of women know what to wear and how to it wear it.

Our bodies change over the years. What we wore a few years ago, or a decade or two ago, may not look the same today. Getting dressed should be effortless. There are more important things to do in your day besides standing in your closet staring at a bunch of clothes, some that still have the price tags hanging on them.

The human brain is designed to fall back to what it knows when faced with too many choices or confusion. This why you end up wearing the same outfits over and over again.

You  need a plan. You need the information to Discover what is right for you, organize and Clarify your Closet, and enjoy being a Style Master the next time you go shopping for clothes.

Don’t be one of 94% of women who don’t consider themselves beautiful. Escape from the style rut that you have been for years. Find a new ‘black’ that will be you pop and look amazing.

Don’t waste any more money on clothes that you’ll never wear. Be confident in knowing what you buy will work for you. When you Dress Like You Mean It, each day you will walk out into the world feeling confident and looking beautiful.

Get the Style Made Simple video series today. Why? Because you deserve get dressed effortlessly and the freedom of know what to wear and how to wear it for life.


I cant say it any other way. Style Made Simple changed by life. I would stand in my closet in tears looking at all my clothes and not knowing what to wear. I feel such a sense of relief getting dressed and not having to think about does this look right.

Julie F.



Some of what you’ll learn:

  • The Power of  Color
  • Understanding Face Shape & Body Type
  • Tips to Keep you Looking Great
  • What to avoid for your body type
  • Your Personal Scale Imprint System
  • Finding Your Perfect Out for Every Day
  • Ending the confusion of how to wear your favorite items
  • Practical Worksheets


Some of what you’ll learn:

  • 5 Steps to a Closet You’ll Love
  • How to give ‘tough love’ to your closet
  • The 4 Questions You Must Answer
  • The Essential Ways to Clear the Clutter
  • How to Choose Shoes and Accessories for Your Outfits
  • Practical Worksheets


Some of what you’ll learn:

  • How to Shop Without Blowing Your Budget
  • How to Create a Wardrobe Strategy that Supports You
  • Successful Shopping Strategies
  • Saving Money with Cost-Per-Wear Analysis
  • 10 Shopping Traps to Avoid at All Cost
  • Easiest Ways to Bring A Wardrobe Up-to-Date
  • Shopping Strategy Worksheets