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Judgment Free

Finding or rediscovering your style can feel like a scary process to undertake. We have years of experiencing working with women with all kinds of stories - and we help them all with love and understanding

20 years of experience

We have over 20 years of experience helping women rediscover their style. The StyleFinder ID system helps women easily navigate through the style process.

Variety of Services

We offer a variety of services from wardrobe building, closet clarity, and style discovery session, a quick shopping trip, or a last minute gift.


StyleFInder 101

This Package is right for you if you’re a busy woman who has put yourself last on your list, is stuck in a rut, or simply wants to redefine what your style is. Our StyleFinder 101 personal style package can help you jump start your style

Wardrobe Building

Using the StyleFInder ID system we will gather essential information about your personal attributes. Once we determine these elements we can work together to create a wardrobe strategy that is tailored to your life

Closet Clarity

A certified style coach will come to your home for a 2-hour deep dive into your closet. We’ll weed out what no longer works for you, assisting you in letting go of anything that doesn’t fit, doesn’t flatter or just is no longer right for you.

We are the STYLE team that you need

Not matter what your style challenge we have the knowledge and experience to help. With the StyleFinder ID System you will have the information you need to Dress Like You Mean It

StyleFinder ID

Feel confident about your wardrobe and knowing what to wear when you use the StyleFinder ID system.

“Discovery” phase

We'll create a wardrobe strategy that is tailored to your life so that you can get dressed easily and effortlessly every day!

Practical Application

We’ll show you how to put all this new style information into play and make it work for you daily.

Worry-Free Experience

We don’t change who you are, but we tap into it and help you to cultivate the very best you possible!

Professional Approach

We take great pride in understanding your individual needs. Each woman is different. We'll find the right style solution for you,

Certified Coaches

Our Coaches have the experience to help you solve any style challenge you can bring. In a world full of judgment we are a store full of acceptance.


Closet Cleared






years of experience


“I feel that you pulled out a new me that was in there all the time, but I was afraid to acknowledge.”

Connie C.
Style Client

“I feel like a new, empowered and confident woman.”

Maunette T.
StyleFInder 101

“I feel inspired, well-informed and excited to move ahead into being able to really be more me.”

Avril W.
StyleFInder 101