Style Story: Amanda

amanda6webAmanda Hardenbrook is a Bohemian at heart!  Favoring loose, flow-y clothing with a romantic vibe, she’s not one to be caught in anything too structured and knows the importance of honoring her true style..  We caught up with Amanda to learn more about her unique style and what makes it all her.

Amanda’s StyleFinder ID: Romantic/Dramatic, Whimsical

What are your signature items?  All things lace!  Jewelry that I make myself.  And I just bought a caftan – it was my missing piece!

How has knowing your StyleFinder ID affected your style?  I have learned what not to try to wear anymore.  When I try to push it and wear things that aren’t really ‘me’, I feel miserable all day.

Most comfortable in: A long, flowing maxi-dress or jeans and a slouchy tunic.

On a recent trip to StyleFinder, Amanda noted “Michele found pieces that were just right for me.  It was so fun – I felt like we were playing dress-up together and I felt beautiful!”

Your style tells your story.  What does your style say about you?

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