Style Story: Elaine Perkinson

Elaine Perkinson has the kind of easy, effortless style that many only dream of.  It’s as though she looks polished and put together with minimal work.  And with good reason; Elaine learned from her mom at an early age how to ‘put it together’ with style.  Her mom, an excellent seamstress, was Elaine’s own personal designer, making all of her clothes until she was in 6th or 7th grade and her dad, nicknamed ‘the Suit Man’, had a keen eye for fashion.

In her mid-60’s, Elaine has a very playful spirit that belies her age.  Retired after working for state government for 30 years, she’s now a part-time USTA official.  She loves to play tennis, hike, travel, go for walks, photography and spending time in nature.  Gone are her days of wearing suits; her current lifestyle is far more casual.

We asked Elaine what makes a great outfit that she feels fabulous in.  Her answer?  Whether she’s dressing for sports or a black tie event, she knows it when she looks in the mirror and can say “Yep, that’s it!

Elaine’s StyleFinder ID is Sporty/Natural, Contemporary, and her Archetype is “The Elemental”.  Her style is best described as comfortable, fresh and authentic with a few touches that are on trend.  Elaine’s go to items are dresses with pockets, tunics and slim fitting pants or leggings.  Her signature items are her diamond studs (“I feel naked without them”) her hats and her scarves, which are a wonderful way to add a shot of style to her look.

Elaine’s lifestyle is active and casual clothing is what works best for her most days.  But she makes sure she looks ‘stylish’ no matter what she’s doing!  Whether wearing a pair of print leggings, a tunic and hiking boots, or a chic pair of on-trend jeans and a top, Elaine’s look is comfortable but she never sacrifices style. 

While she wants her look to be ‘on trend’, she avoids looking too trendy and opts for styles that are more classic, with a few on trend touches.  Her style feels authentic to her, and this helps her to feel confident and happy!

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