Style Story: Joi Harrison-Turner

DramaticJoi Harrison TurnerJoi‘s StyleFinder ID is Dramatic/Whimsical, Contemporary and her Archetype is The Ingenue.  This means that what’s most important to Joi is standing out and making a statement, and incorporating elements of fun with what’s on-trend right now!

Joi has always felt that her style was unique, and she was right on target!  Her passion for fashion began in her early high school years in the New York area where she was exposed to very diverse styles.  She also had a very fashionable great aunt who inspired her, as well as her older sister, who shared Joi’s passion.  Joi has always gravitated towards the avant garde, fashion-forward styles and has found ways to make them part of her everyday look.

Joi’s signature items include any kind of boot, from booties, riding boots, thigh high boots.  And animal prints!  She feels most beautiful in a vintage inspired dress or outfit.

Knowing her StyleFinder ID has given Joi validation that wearing such unique items is right for me, and that has boosted her confidence.

Soft, natural curls and bold, red lips top off any outfit perfectly and make Joi feel beautiful.

Photography: Elizabeth Galecke