Style Story: Julie Davenport

Audrey Trench

Our Stylista, Julie Davenport, knows a thing or two about style.  In fact, it is in her DNA!  Her StyleFinder ID® is Contemporary/Whimsical, Classic, which means that she’s up on the latest trends but puts her own timeless spin on what’s hot and what’s now. The fact that she’s mother to 6 amazing – and stylish – daughters means that they are going to want to raid mom’s closet on a regular basis!

Julie1Julie’s StyleFinder ID® Archetype is “The Trendsetter”. She’s one to watch when it comes to what’s on trend each season, and will be the first to adopt a look (but only if it’s right for her). She’s got her hand on the pulse of fashion, but she never lets clothing wear her. Julie has a clear idea of what works on her – and what to steer clear of.

Julie’s signature items include skinny jeans, modern fit pants and “on trend” tops accessorized by classic jewelry, usually in silver, and doesn’t feel dressed without her accessories…especially her bracelets. Her signature colors are white, navy, gray and black, with a few pops of color. This color capsule allows Julie maximum versatility and helps her to get dressed quickly and easily.

Inspired by classic Ralph Lauren, she cites Jackie O. and Katherine Hepburn as her style icons. While favoring more classic influences, Julie clearly puts her own up-to-the minute spin on her look to keep her from feeling frumpy or looking dated.

Julie spent some time in London in college, studying both art and architecture, but she grew up in the majestic Ozark Mountains in Missouri.