Style Story: Kirsten Miller

I’d like to introduce our Stylista, Kirsten Miller!  Kirsten has been with StyleFinder Boutique since the very beginning and if you’ve had the chance to work with her, you know how excited and energetic she is when it comes to helping clients.  I remember first meeting Kirsten years ago when our kids were in preschool together.  I spotted her in the parking lot and thought, ‘hey, she’s got style!’  So when she expressed interest in being a Stylista, I knew she was up for the challenge!

Kirsten’s StyleFinder ID® is Sporty/Romantic, Whimsical and her Archetype is “The Impulsive”.  Words that describe her style are Energetic, Confident, Impetuous and her Style Statement is “Sexy Comfort”.  I would say her look is best described as comfortable with a decidedly feminine edge.

Kirsten’s signature items are boots and sleeveless tops, showing off her toned arms.  You can find her most days in either our fitted Tees by Tina skirts (worn with booties or her Converse sneakers) or our Skinny Modern Fit Pants from Clara Sunwoo.  She loves to show clients how easy these pants are to wear, and owns a pair (or two) in every color!  She doesn’t feel dressed without a necklace, and opts for hand-crafted designs in small to medium size.
Sometimes she even wears a couple to create interest.
Kirsten’s style is influenced by the 1960s Mods and the Boho look from the 70s, and her style icons include Taylor Swift, Audrey Hepburn and Kate Hudson.  She’ll easily mix vintage pieces with brand new items to create a look that’s all her own.  Wearing something lacy is also a hallmark of Kirsten’s look, whether it’s a lacy strap on her camisole or a lace dress for a special occasion.

Kirsten has an ease about her that allows her to quickly connect with clients and know what their needs are, sometimes even before they do.  Her radiant skin and sense of humor give her a gorgeous youthful glow that belies her age.  Come in and let Kirsten work her magic on your wardrobe and help you to step into your beautiful style!

To learn more about the StyleFinder ID® System or to discover what your own true style is, visit our website or call the boutique at 919-454-3068.  Let us help you dress like you mean it!