Style Story: Leslie Damiano

leslieMeet our Stylista, Leslie Damiano!  Leslie was the first Stylista to come on board at StyleFinder, and we quickly discovered that she had a great sense of her own style.   Leslie’s StyleFinder ID® is Sporty/Natural, Classic and her Archetype is the “The Elemental”.

Leslie’s Style Statement is “Comfort Chic” and her style icons include Jennifer Aniston and Audrey Hepburn.  She loves clothing that looks great but feels comfortable.

Her signature Items include denim jackets and comfy shoes, but she’s not afraid to rock a pair of printed pants.

She doesn’t feel dressed without:  her watch and at least one bracelet

Leslie’s style is inspired by: soft comfortable fabrics

Leslie truly is sporty in that she loves to exercise and is doing everything from biking to yoga to lifting weights.  She’s also super smart and was valedictorian of her high school class.  As much as she loves to travel, you’d never guess that Leslie is scared of flying!

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