Style Story: Nancy Loeffler – The Artiste

Nancy Loeffler is a beautiful woman, inside and out.  Author of the book, The Alchemy of Grief, Nancy has always sought to make her life meaningful.  When she lost her daughter in 2000, Nancy used her own journey through grief to help others experiencing a loss.  She now works with people around the country as a grief coach and loves making a difference.

Nancy is always impeccably dressed and well put-together.  Her StyleFinder ID is Natural/Dramatic, Whimsical and her Archetype is “The Artiste”.  A true artiste at heart, Nancy loves wearing jewelry that is handcrafted, and accessories that have an artisanal touch.  She expresses her creativity through her clothing and her hair, whether cut asymmetrically or with colorful streaks painted in.  We caught up with Nancy to learn more about her and what makes her style unique:

I am inspired by…my children, dancing, collaging, being outside

My ideal travel destination…anyplace near water

My signature items are…shoes, my hair

I listen to…anything that gets me moving

I crave…unstructured time

The fragrance I wear… lately I’m loving bergamot

I feel most beautiful when…. I listen to my body’s wisdom

I nourish myself by….meditating, dancing, spending time with my man.

What I’d like more of in my life…play time

I am my best self when…I take care of myself

Things I love…time with loved ones, hugs,

My guilty pleasure… doing nothing, listening to the silence

I read…self improvement and mysteries

My greatest accomplishment…my thriving marriage after the loss of our daughter

My wardrobe…is starting to feel more like me!

I feel most comfortable in… these days my own skin.

In my free time I…cook, read, collage

My contribution to the world…my book, my grief work

I love…my life!

What my StyleFinder ID® (Natural/Dramatic, Whimsical “The Artiste”) means to me…it validates my true essence

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