Style Story: Rachel Augustine

Rachel Augustine is on a mission to help people eliminate chemicals from their homes.  As a Norwex representative, she loves to show people how easy it is to keep their homes clean using only water, and she is passionate about making a difference!

Rachel also has an eye for style!  Her StyleFinder ID® is Natural/Contemporary, Whimsical and her Archetype is “The Essential”.  What this means is that Rachel prefers fabrics that feel good to the touch and soft against the skin, loves to wear things that are on trend and enjoys a little something unexpected to keep her look exciting!  Her look is sexy, easy-going and stylish, and she likes to look good without being overdone.

We caught up with Rachel to learn more about her!

My ideal travel destination… Italy

My signature items are…long open cardigans, arm candy

I listen to…Heavy metal

I crave… the outdoors

The fragrance I wear…Chanel No 5

I feel most beautiful when…. My hair, make up and outfit all come together

I nourish myself by…. Reading outside

What I’d like more of in my life… time with my family

I am my best self when… I’m busy

Things I love… family, gardening, hiking

My guilty pleasure… sleeping in

I read… everything

My greatest accomplishment… my children

I feel most comfortable in… jeans and a comfy sweater

In my free time I… work in the yard, cook, read

My contribution to the world…my children, my mission of eliminating chemicals from homes

I love…my life

What my StyleFinder ID® means to me…I will not have to wonder so much when shopping about whether or not something is “me”

If you’d like to discover your very own StyleFinder ID® please contact us at 919-454-3068.  


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