The StyleFinder 101 Package is right for you if you’re a busy woman who has put yourself last on your list, is stuck in a rut, has lost your sense of style or simply wants to redefine what your style is. Our StyleFinder 101 personal style package can help you jump start your style!

Who You Are

You’re an entrepreneur, a professional woman, or a busy woman who knows that image is not a luxury – it’s a necessity! You want to create an image that boosts your confidence and credibility while taking your look to the next level. Perhaps you’re stuck in a rut, you’ve lost your sense of style or you simply want to redefine what your style is, whatever your age! You want to refine your look so that it helps you to become memorable for all the right reasons and sets you up for success!

You Are:

What Your Issues Tend to Be

What You Need Most Right Now

A simple blueprint that will tell you exactly what to wear, along with ongoing support to help you transition your wardrobe to be perfect for you.

We begin our personal StyleFinder 101 style sessions with the “Discovery” phase. This is where we gather essential information about your personal attributes including your coloring, your face shape, your body type, your personal scale, your personal style using our proprietary StyleFinder ID® System, and your lifestyle. Once we determine these elements we can work together to create a wardrobe strategy that is tailored to your life so that you can get dressed easily and effortlessly every day! We don’t change who you are, but we tap into it and help you to cultivate the very best you possible!

Understanding what colors work best on you and how to wear them is just as important as knowing what silhouettes are right for you and how you put it all together. We’ll help you discover ways to play up your best assets while downplaying those pesky “flaws”. You’ll also gain a clear understanding of your own personal style through our StyleFinder ID® System and discover how to best showcase that in the way you dress and how you live your life!

From there we move into “Practical Application” where we’ll show you how to put all this new information into play and make it work for you daily. This happens during our Closet Clarity Sessions, Personal Shopping Sessions, Wardrobe Building Strategy Sessions and more.

Are you ready to find out more about how to jumpstart your style?

We look forward to seeing you in the store. Until then Dress Like You Mean It.