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“My experience at StyleFinder Boutique has been wonderfully surprising! My Stylista, Kirsten, suggested I take a peek at their modern-fit pants. I told her I didn’t ‘do’ pull-on pants. Little did I know, I’d walk out with four pair and a whole new perspective!

StyleFinder Boutique has quickly become a new favorite because I always find things that are unique so I don’t see everyone else wearing the same thing. I get tons of compliments when wearing my finds, but the best part about it is that I always feel put-together, polished and all me. I love this boutique!”

– Dee Cramsie

My experience working with Michele yesterday was truly magical. She is warm and welcoming, and I found her StyleFinder ID® system so validating, I resonated with just about everything in my Personal Image Blueprint. I also had the most fun I have ever had trying on clothes and shopping. There was none of the shame that I feel in department store dressing rooms. Michele’s genius is empowering women to feel beautiful and be fully expressed as the magnificent women we are.
Nancy Loeffler

I cannot say enough fabulous things about this boutique or my shopping experiences here! It is my happy place. I know whenever I go, I’m going to have the best experience every.single.time and never leave frustrated or disappointed. The clothes are great and the Stylists are fabulous. Mary Michelle is a gem and so is the rest of the staff. I feel like we are all BFFs. Shopping with my BFFs, yes, that is what shopping at StyleFinder is like; except it’s shopping with BFFs that pick out the most fabulous things for you and they never steer you wrong!!
– Teresa Craig

I love the process of how your StyleFinder ID pinpointed my exact style! On top of that, the tips you provided for my style type are great. The entire process was extremely fun. Michele you’re a genius for creating such a great tool! Thanks again for everything – Angela Jones

One truly AHA moment this morning… After all these years of dabbling in the color world. . My Eye color plus my version of navy. I have been trying too much lately to use the grays, and they just weren’t working for me. The eye and hair colors are so much better….I really had not combined the two before. My mom gave me this scarf and it is spot on right! I definitely will look for more pieces in these colors. Just thought A little show and tell would be good to start up your morning! Thanks so much as always.
Susan Thompson

I cannot say enough fabulous things about this boutique or my shopping experiences here! It is my happy place. I know whenever I go, I’m going to have the best experience every.single.time and never leave frustrated or disappointed. The clothes are great and the Stylists are fabulous. Mary Michelle is a gem and so is the rest of the staff. I feel like we are all BFFs. Shopping with my BFFs, yes, that is what shopping at StyleFinder is like; except it’s shopping with BFFs that pick out the most fabulous things for you and they never steer you wrong!! Teresa Craig

Mary Michele has drawn on her lifelong love of style and extraordinary fashion sense to create an essential resource for the woman in search of the perfect look! Whether for business, an evening out or for casual fun, The Stylefinder Boutique and its talented staff will guide you to discover your best and most beautiful YOU!!!
Deborah Harrell Meehan

“Yesterday I went shopping at Stein Mart to find a top to go with some pants. I was thinking back to the first time I went shopping with you, Mary Michele, slumped over in the dressing room like a toddler having meltdown. I was so proud of myself for trying on things that were at the edge of my comfort zone and for being able to pass up some items knowing why they weren’t right for me. I love being one of the best dressed people in the room wherever I go. And my StyleFinder Boutique clothes are amongst my favorites! Thank you isn’t enough for how you’ve helped me.” –
Maryellen Smith

“Spent some time at StyleFinder boutique with Michele today. What a joy-filled afternoon talking fashion and trying on clothes and – wait for it – getting into a medium sized dress!! Hallelujah!! I even took a pic to prove it. Best time spent shopping in ages! Love the styles but mostly love the generous heart and solid knowledge of the owner. Mary Michele Nidiffer YOU rock!”
– Sheila Johnson-Chaney

“I had such a wonderful experience shopping at StyleFinder. I drove in for the Perfect Pants Party but left with so much more than pants! My Stylista, Kirsten, really listened to me and wasn’t pushy at all. Instead, she gently coaxed me out of my comfort zone and into a whole new spring wardrobe that feels so very me! I love my new looks and can’t wait to wear the numerous options that I have. Now I look forward to getting dressed and having so many easy, effortless choices!”
Timothy Frank, Durham, NC

LOVE everything about this Boutique in Raleigh! Had our Mother/Daughter Weekend in Raleigh and found this gem! They made us feel so special with 110% first class customer service, fabulous clothes and accessories! Those who know me know I LOVE good jewelry and great looking clothes for all occasions. Dressy or casual, they will help you put your outfit together so you will look your best. To all my travel friends….great fashions for travel. Seriously, if you want concierge service in putting the perfect wardrobe together, this is the place for you! Hope you will spread the word and visit for your next full-service – first class shopping experience! I know I will be going back. It’s even worth the trip from Richmond! I am all set for looking good wherever I go!
StyleFinder Boutique is the Best Boutique! Check it out and tell them “Jeanie” sent you!

Wow! This is spot on! I have been looking on your Pinterest boards for classic and sporty styles and they are totally me. Still need to explore delicate! I am devouring all the information you post on your website and facebook as well as the style club pages!! You offer so much great direction for women like myself and I am enjoying every minute of this process. It is interesting that my resolution this year was “the year of doing” and I feel like I am doing something very important for myself and finding out more about who I am and how I want to define myself. You have set me on a journey that I did not expect – and it is really elevating my spirit! Thank you for the loads of information, support and encouragement that you put out there every day! It is obvious that your mission is to do so much more than help women get dressed. You are truly an inspiration in everything you do and say!!

Cathy Harman
Feel Good Kits (link to https://www.feelgoodkits.com/)

“You truly made shopping simple for me. Thank you. The looks you created in an hour are perfect for my trip to Europe next week, along with all the future trips (2 others planned thus far), and they will fit in a carry-on!! You are a miracle worker and I’m so grateful I didn’t have to pour over tons of fashions. You did the work so I could have that easy, casual, carefree look without the hassle of shopping! Thanks for sharing your knowledge base with all of us. You are a rock star!”
– Mercedes Auger

“What an experience today. I feel like a million bucks. I’m super excited to wear some of the new outfits. I can’t believe how many outfits I got, and all in under an hour! I love how some are interchangeable together. The clothes fit fantastic and your personal touch with having the items picked out to size was awesome. This was the best shopping and stylist experience I have ever had and I am all about efficiency too. Thank you again for your vision to help women feel beautiful. You got me full of that feeling today. Blessings on a fantastic experience StyleFinder Boutique provided. Thank you!” Lauren Mayr

Michele has also been a personal friend from my artist community and my Chix in Biz days. I’ve watched her journey from clothing designer to blogger to stylist to opening her own store.
One part boutique, one part stylist, all parts beautiful. Michele helped me at a particularly frustrating point in my health journey.
The truth is that I don’t like shopping, unless it’s for tools and clothes shopping in particular is overwhelming to me.
Michele acted as my personal stylist and picked out a full wardrobe of mix and match pieces. In 30 minutes I had a completely new wardrobe that fit well for my body type. I feel comfortable in my clothes again while going through this health challenge and most of all I feel beautiful even on the days that I feel crappy and exhausted on the inside.
Like Fiquet Bailey Swain she checks on me frequently and offers support and lots of warm hugs when I visit her store.
These days I get lots of compliments on my clothes, the colors and how the clothes look great on me. I don’t dress myself–it’s all Michele.
But most of all I have a secret weapon to make myself feel beautiful on the days when I’m the most ill.
I can’t rave about Michele and her store enough. Go see her, you’ll be glad you did! Thank you Michele! Love you!
Gretchen McLaren

“Again, I thank you for the wardrobe update. I didn’t take the white pants but took all the other items and they worked perfectly, even with the broken toe! My only additions were a scarf, 2 pr. shoes and one piece jewelry. I had a pair of Echo walking shoes which looked quite nice and didn’t have to wear tennis shoes in Paris. Kudos to you – all went in a carryon. I was impressed with myself and you; for the simple reason that I used every piece of clothing and looked good! The pics you took were a great idea. I referred to them often.

Black was absolutely the non-color in Paris and I looked dressed wherever I roamed. The Parisian women added color with their shoes, handbag or scarf, but usually using just one accent. Low key, but fab! They didn’t wear shorts or capris on the street.

London was great for layering. I found that I could layer the purple shell w/ light sweater, then throw the black flowy jacket over it, use the scarf and stay comfortably warm.

Touring Normandy taught me that I could look classic and still show reverence wearing a pair of jeans with the right accessories.

Next trip – to Mexican Riviera in August – Hot – Hot – Hot! Sometimes we have to do things when college students have a break between summer internships, completion of their degree and job hunting!! Yuk, bathing suit shopping.

Appreciate all you’ve done to help all of us. Keep up the good work. We need you.” Mercedes Auger

“I didn’t know what I was walking into when I first came in after the Grand Opening. It was 10 minutes before closing, and I was in desperate search of a dress to wear to a wedding that weekend. I had already bought 3, but didn’t really love any of them. In a few moments, Michele showed me a dress that was perfect for my body type. I tried it on and couldn’t believe how amazing it looked, or how comfortable it was! She found anecklac e that brought out my hair color, and the perfect shapewear that gave me a smooth, sleek look. And it only took 10 minutes! With all this coming in well under $200, it was far less than I had paid just for 1 of the dresses. And the great part is that I’ve already worn the dress again and both times I received a flood of compliments.

I’m grateful that StyleFinder has helped me to find clothing that works for me at my age (61) without looking too young or too matronly. I fell put-together and chic, and the prices are excellent. I’ve enjoyed learning how to build my wardrobe and adding in pieces a few at a time.

I have told all my friends about you, although I’m reluctant to because you’re like my secret style weapon. I am so glad StyleFinder Boutique is here – I really needed this!”

Susan M.
Wake Forest

“What I love about StyleFinder is that you are so accessible. You don’t look down your noses at people, but truly want to help. After our session together and trying on some new things I would never have tried on before, I feel pretty and comfortable!

My StyleFinder ID assessment really nailed my style, and it made it really easy to find things that were very me. I love that many of the pieces I got are basic and that I can fill in as I need to.

Every woman should just bite the bullet and do this for themselves!”

Cathy Gunter

Validation is always good for the soul. Wanted you to know that I’ve been getting great reviews on the white sun woo long pants and deep blue 2 piece top. Most recently was last night at the intimate gathering given to celebrate Becky Sansbury’s book. The outfit has been perfect for southern evenings out. I think I’d wear the outfit everywhere if I could! The comfort and color had guests asking where I shopped; and yes, I told them. I’d love to have more of the tops in my colors, but that may be overkill. Again, kudos to you and the classic style you provided for me.
On another subject, I received your card (very nice) and would like to book an appointment the week of August 17th. Thursday, August 20th, 11:30 is good for me. I have other dates available if that doesn’t work. Please advise.
Haven’t had an opportunity to shop your summer sale, however, if there’s anything you see that may be helpful with my wardrobe, please let me know. Don’t get to your ‘neck of the woods’ much. I leave for Mexico August 6 and have been doing some short trips since returning home and no, I haven’t been shopping any summer sales!
Thanks again for all. Smiles!