“There really is something to this style thing. I am really starting to get it and to see how much of a difference it can make.

It’s so amazing to put on something that’s not you, and then you put on something that is you and it just makes you feel so good, does so much for your confidence!

It just made my day! It was nothing really special, but it just worked on me and made me feel amazing!

You take the fear out of shopping and make it a pleasant experience which is highly unusual these days and one of the reasons I love shopping at your store.” – Leeza H.

My experience at StyleFinder Boutique has been wonderfully surprising! My Stylista, Kirsten, suggested I take a peek at their modern-fit pants. I told her I didn’t ‘do’ pull-on pants. Little did I know, I’d walk out with four pair and a whole new perspective!

StyleFinder Boutique has quickly become a new favorite because I always find things that are unique so I don’t see everyone else wearing the same thing. I get tons of compliments when wearing my finds, but the best part about it is that I always feel put-together, polished and all me. I love this boutique!” Dee C

“What an experience today. I feel like a million bucks. I’m super excited to wear some of the new outfits. I can’t believe how many outfits I got, and all in under an hour! I love how some are interchangeable together. The clothes fit fantastic and your personal touch with having the items picked out to size was awesome. This was the best shopping and stylist experience I have ever had and I am all about efficiency too. Thank you again for your vision to help women feel beautiful. You got me full of that feeling today. Blessings on a fantastic experience StyleFinder Boutique provided. Thank you!” Lauren M

“I had the best time at StyleFinder Boutique learning about my true personal style! My StyleFinder ID® is Sporty/Romantic, Whimsical! I love my workbook and can’t wait to tackle and organize my closet!! I love the pieces that I purchased and can’t wait to add to them. Thank you Mary Michele Nidiffer! It was a pleasure going through the process with Kirsten, and seeing you and Dustin again. Love the new boutique and location. I was so excited to experience the StyleFinder 101 session. It was a great couple of hours and I learned so much!!! Thank you! ” – Joanne Martin, Keller Williams Realty Cary

“I want to thank Kirsten so much for helping me today. I’ve gained weight and always seem to come out of stores without buying anything because I don’t like anything I try on. I walked into StyleFinder today and with Kirsten’s help, left with several pieces that I can wear in several different ways. I’m thrilled! Thank you, Kirsten!” – Kim Devine

“I have just ‘unpacked’ the lovely things I purchased at StyleFinder and am thrilled! After my personal style session with Kirsten, I came home and put the StyleFinder ID® System to work. I found a few items in my closet that did not work well last fall because I didn’t know how to put things together. I can now match them up with pieces that I bought today to make complete outfits! It was such a wonderful experience having someone help me and give me honest feedback. Through the assessment, we were able to connect and in a short period of time, she really got me! Thank you!” – Jane Gable

“What I love about StyleFinder is that it makes style so accessible. After my session…I feel pretty and comfortable!

My StyleFinder ID® assessment really nailed my style, and it made it really easy to find things that were very me. Every woman should just bite the bullet and do this for themselves!” – Cathy Gunter, Raleigh

“Mary Michele has drawn on her lifelong love of style and extraordinary fashion sense to create an essential resource for the woman in search of the perfect look! Whether for business, an evening out or for casual fun, The Stylefinder ID® System will guide you to discover your best and most beautiful YOU!!!” – Deborah Harrell Meehan

“I love the process of how the StyleFinder ID® System pinpointed my exact style! On top of that, the tips you provided for my own personal style were great! The entire process was extremely fun. Michele, you’re a genius for creating such a great tool! Thanks again for everything!” – Angela Jones

“I found the StyleFinder ID® system so validating! I resonated with just about everything….Michele’s genius is empowering women to feel beautiful and be fully expressed as the magnificent women we are.” – Nancy Loeffler

StyleFinder changed my life!  I used to be ultra conservative, introverted and wore frumpy clothes.  After…StyleFinder, I was pulled out of my comfort zone and shown a new way to dress for who I really am.  I feel that you pulled out a new me that was in there all the time, but that I was afraid to acknowledge.

Now, I have embraced the new me and feel so much more confident in myself. Thank you, StyleFinder, for helping me to look and feel beautiful, inside and out!” – Connie C., Raleigh

I had a blast! It was so much fun to be in a store and then have a stream of friends continuously walk through the door. And everyone there had crazy fun watching and critiquing others as they tried on the fun clothes.  Many of the women had never been in the store before and said they’d definitely be coming back. As for me, StyleFinder is my new favorite place to shop!

I am not a clothes horse and usually don’t buy many clothes, but I went a little crazy because I found so many things that just looked GREAT.  I’m headed to Charlotte today to speak to a women’s group and am wearing all new StyleFinder clothes!” – Mary Cantando, Woman’s Advantage

“Working with Michele has been awesome! I do not like to shop and she has been an incredible inspiration, making it easy for me to acquire a good wardrobe that I was lacking. Working with her to build my wardrobe was incredibly easy, it was fun and very informative. I would recommend Michele’s services to anyone who doesn’t like shopping, needs help with enhancing their wardrobe or just needs a pick-up to their style.” Karen McKinnon, Wake Forest

Mary Michele is a styling genius!

“What a fun visit and a great shopping experience! Thank you, Mary Michele, for sharing your talents. I ended up with a beautiful speaker’s wardrobe so I can feel confident on the stage. I am thrilled with the outfits we decided on and the mix and match aspect makes the pieces multiply the options. You are a styling genius! Xoxoxo” Rosemary Robertson Bredeson

“Are you tired of looking through racks? shopping for hours and still have nothing to wear in your closet? I just had a great experience at StyleFinder. These ladies are professional stylists. I walked into StyleFinder with a mission to find pants. What would have taken me 4 hours to put two outfits together, my Stylista only took minutes! My kind of shopping – shopping made easy!” – Lisa Rivoli, Joule Salon

“My StyleFinder ID® has set me on track to becoming a more focused shopper. M has given me a clear idea of what to look for when selecting my outfits and accessories. Not only was our session informative, it was a lot of fun! She has a way of infusing every occasion with her own personal warmth and humor. I also benefited from her wonderfully developed sense of style and her ability to create a polished look. It was in every way an afternoon to remember!” Cindy D’Angelo

“Michele is so warm and personable that you feel like you have known her forever.  After retiring 3 years ago I felt like I was in a rut with my style.   Michele helped me take it to the next level.  She helped me to more fully express my authentic self.

The best reward for me was when I attended an event and worked as a greeter at the door.  Every woman who walked in complimented me on how great I looked.   I owe it all to Michele and her teaching me how to take an outfit from good to great. Confidence is half the battle and she inspired that in me.  Thanks, Michele!” Nancy Hutchinson, Raleigh, NC

Mary Michele is very warm and caring and somehow just understands and knows what you need. Gone are the days of “I have nothing to wear.”   In reality, Michele has given me the gift of time focus on my life because I know there is always something that’s right to wear in my closet that’s right for me.” Linda Boulay

“Before working with Michele I was not happy about my wardrobe and found that it was difficult to coordinate outfits. I was excited to see how she was spot-on and many of them looked great on me. I found some new favorites and am excited to build a wardrobe that makes me feel amazing. Michele was also was very clear about what didn’t work, so I didn’t need to spend any time considering whether to buy things that would just end up hanging in my closet.

After working with Michele I am a much more confident shopper. I now have the basics and can bring in color and accessories to change the look and add flair. Now I like what I wear to business and personal events and enjoy getting frequent on my outfits, accessories, and appearance. I feel more stylish and confident.

I love Michele’s advocacy for wearing what makes you look and feel great. Her confidence and encouragement rubbed off on me and made me feel more attractive and able to look for what flatters me when it comes to clothing. If you’d like to feel more confident and take your image to a new level, I definitely recommend working with Michele.”

Adele Michal
Women Make More Money

“I was one step away from donning a pair of mom-jeans after having a baby. Thank goodness Michele was available to step in. Thanks to her, I have embraced my new body shape and am dressing to fit both my new figure and my personality.” – Heather Rook

“Before I met Michele I would stand peering into my closet feeling an anxious, confused and frustrated. My clothes were outdated and uninspiring. My excuse was I hated to shop-and I did. The same feelings of confusion, frustration and anxiety followed me to the mall.

I am SO happy I found Michele. I can honestly say she has changed my total perception of fashion, style and shopping. It has been like learning a new language and I love it. I received so many compliments on my new-found style. I travel a lot and Michele has taught me how to put together great interchangeable outfits. I can pack for a 5 day trip in one carry on bag and look great for business and play.

Michele has helped me feel good about myself because she is so knowledgeable, professional, warm and reassuring.” S. Blackwell

“Before working with Michele I would stand in my closet with a frown on my face and reach for the same combinations of clothing. I simply detested shopping for clothes, shoes or accessories. I literally grew tired of “seeing” myself in the same clothing.

To my total surprise and amazement – I had much more than I saw previously. Michele “opened my eyes” to new combinations of my pieces. I certainly had much more than I thought!

Now that I am armed with knowledge about myself and my style, shopping has become a focused and purposeful activity. I feel like a new, empowered and confident woman. Thank you Michele!” Maunette Tait

“I’ve admired Michele’s poise for years and asked her to help me get it together in the looks department. Now I am feeling much better about my appearance. I no longer have to look in my closet and groan…I’m showing myself that I really can care about my looks. What I really liked most about Michele’s approach was how she educated me about /why /something looked good on me … Her approach was intellectual and non-judgmental. I love her style!” Laura L.

I feel like my closet has new life, and no new pieces have been added! Now I am doing more, with less…” Jenny S.

“As a business owner in the beauty business, it is important that I look polished and ‘put-together’. Michele helped me to accomplish this and more.  By working with Michele, I learned about my personal style and how to embrace it. Now, I feel confident and self-assured when dressing because I know the types of clothes that not only look good on me, but also best reflect my own personal style.  Thank you Michele!” Karen Albright BodyLase Skin Spa

“Retired and wearing your daily uniform? Guilty! Until Michele and her magic appeared in my closet. I wish I had known her when I was in my 30 years of corporate work, BUT it may be more important now. Michele took what I saw as just tops, pants and limitations and turned them into a closet of outfits! Her ability to create new out of my same old same old was a skill she has down to an art. The many parts of Closet Clarity was much more than I envisioned. It’s a declutter, rethink, renew, refocus session with technical skills of balance, color, and scale in the mix. What a treat for me to get this service. I loved it!” Susan Nidiffer

“I love the work you do with women to love and celebrate their magnificence and beauty through connecting with their personal style. Discovering my StyleFinder ID has made a huge difference in my life.

Michele helped uncover my authentic self, which gave me more confidence, energy, and clarity in my life. My personal style impacts not only my clothing, but everything I engage with in life. This system is brilliant and magical. I gained so much clarity in why I need a certain style in clothing, in my home decor, and in marketing my business to feel comfortable. This System will change your life!”

Suzy Manning, “helping women gain purpose, empowerment, and inner peace at midlife” Sizzl Radio www.suzymanning.com

“Working with Michele has been awesome! I do not like to shop and she has been an incredible inspiration, making it easy for me to acquire a good wardrobe that I was lacking. Working with her to build my wardrobe was incredibly easy, it was fun and very informative. I would recommend Michele’s services to anyone who doesn’t like shopping, needs help with enhancing their wardrobe or just needs a pick-up to their style.” Karen McKinnon, Wake Forest

“Michele is delightful to work with. What asset to anyone who is working to become all they can be. In addition to looking at the outer self and what works best for our frame and coloring, Michele also focuses on the inner self of who we really want to be expressing outwardly. It’s powerful and important for those looking to play at the top of their game. So much of our impressions happen at a subconscious level and Michele can dial in areas of connections with others that would be missed without profession assistance. If you are in the people business where first and lasting impressions make a difference, it’s well work the investment to spend some time with Michele.”  Sig Hutchinson

“It was such a pleasure to work with Michele.  Her love and enthusiasm for helping women is completely catching. I am geek when it comes to fashion and have no idea what I’m doing.  Michele was able to help me pick my best colors, bring clarity to my closet and help me shop for flattering and fun clothes that I enjoy wearing. Her patience was incredible.  She answered every question and taught me more about clothing, colors and putting together outfits then I ever imagined!  Michele is all about empowering women to love themselves.  She is a real pro and I loved working with her!” Susanne Lury, Fun and Fabulous Gifts

“Michele rocks!  Working with Michele is a combination of education, inspiration and fun. She is unique in that she starts where you are. She wants to know the heart, then she can dress the person. Michele is a remarkable teacher. I was surprised months later at how much I remembered. Genuineness is a key tenet of her work. She wants her clients to genuinely be who they are and to gain self confidence by presenting their best image. Michele truly sees the beauty in each person.” E. L. “Betsy” Smith, PhD, co-author Second Blooming for Women: Growing a Life that Matters after Fifty

“I have never felt confident in what I should wear. Learning my StyleFinder ID helped me understand my fashion personality. Michele walked me step by step through the experience and made it so much simpler than I had imagined. I now feel like I can shop knowing what will work for my body and my personal style. I highly recommend Michele for her expertise, her compassion and her fabulous style.” Sharon Delaney, Media Personality

“Mary Michele is warm, caring and instantly put me at ease.  Her great ideas and information to support my next steps were clear and easy to understand.  I feel inspired, well-informed and excited to move ahead into being able to really be more me.” Avril Weiss

Michele’s help and expertise will continue to be worth every penny for years to come! I have stopped wasting money on buying more clothes that I THINK I need, but don’t wind up wearing, and have learned to think more about wearing what I already have.  Needing to be tight with my money, this is a huge blessing, and Michele’s help and expertise will continue to be worth every penny for years to come!” Kim Kirchstein, Leopold Scarves

“As my son’s first birthday approached, I felt frumpy, old and ugly.  I felt like a shell of a human being, but I didn’t know what to do to get out of that rut. A quick Internet search led me to Michele, and after our first phone chat, I was hooked.  I could not wait to meet her and start the road to a new me.  Through analysis of my personal attributes and shopping trips, I learned about myself.  I learned that it’s okay to prioritize myself and that small changes can make a huge difference.  By helping me understand my assets, best features, personal style and what I can do to compliment them, Michele didn’t give me a whole new me.  She gave me a better me.  

Now when I shop, I am armed with knowledge that lets me go past trends and styles that don’t flatter me and straight to what is made for me.   It takes time to develop personal style, and with the ongoing tools and knowledge that Michele provides, the process is exciting and so worth it.  It not only leads to a more stylish you, but to a more confident, happier woman.  And don’t we need more of those in the world?”

Alicia Frazee
Raleigh, NC

“Can you imagine shopping the sales rack at the store and being able to bypass wonderful deals with confidence?  Well I can.  Ever since I worked with Michele, I can now run my fingers over the clothes on the rack and immediately pick out only the ones that suit me.  I no longer linger over a clothing item and wonder if I should get it because it’s such a great deal and of good quality.  If it doesn’t work for me or in my wardrobe, then it’s of no use to me.  This has saved me money by not making the wrong choice, as well as clearing up confusion.

Michele has a gift to help women feel wonderful about the way they look – so don’t feel guilty about your lack of knowledge for fashion, let Michele work her magic!   It’s what she does best.”

Deborah Zechini
Certified Organizer Coach with Order in the House

“Michele has presented multiple image empowerment trainings for the Administrative Professionals development program in our organization and each time the participants have received a wealth of information to help them boost their self image and look their best.  We’ve enjoyed how she breaks this information down into bite-sized pieces so that we really get what she’s talking about.  We would highly recommend Michele as a speaker and trainer.  She’s knowledgeable and personable, and really knows her stuff.  You won’t be disappointed.”

Michelle Vanhoy and Kerri Rhue
Novant Health

“I LOVED working with Michele!  After living in LA for 10 years, I was a bit wary of what an image consultant would want to do with me. I didn’t want to be changed into someone I wasn’t.  After my first conversation with Michele, I knew that wouldn’t be an issue. Michele is truly someone who sees the beauty in all women (even when we don’t see it in ourselves!) and thrives on helping you find your individual style. I have never owned a lot of clothes, but I want to feel confident and attractive with everything I have.

After working with Michele it so much easier to go shopping and I recently found a fun date dress that makes me feel sexy!
Working with Michele is like eco-organizing: in the long run she saves you time (no more spending hours to look for what to wear) money (no more wasted on sale items that you never wear) stress (waking up and feeling fantastic about what is in your closet) and creating a peaceful environment (no longer feeling overwhelmed when opening the door!). I am thrilled to have her as a resource to recommend to clients!”

Julie Seibert, Owner
Healing through Organization, LLC
Professional Eco-Organization Services

“Michele is wonderful. She’s very patient and really helped me understand what works for me. She puts things together in ways that I would have never thought have. She also picks things out for me that I would have never picked out for myself but that look incredible and that I always get compliments on.”

Anne Aylin
Prudential Real Estate, Greater Orange and Durham

“Let me tell you, from first glance of looking at Michele I knew she was different. I wanted to change my look for my website. I just had a lot of things I needed to do with imaging and branding, and she looked flawless.

Through working with Michele I discovered what was my better look. So now I can go into stores, I can look on their sales rack and I can pick things that fit my frame, they fit my coloring, they fit the details, and my personality, and I must say, I have gotten several compliments. I am just really happy, and if you’re thinking about working with Michele, do. You will not be disappointed.”

Lana McMurray
Free 2 Thrive Coaching

“Discovering my StyleFinder ID® has been very helpful in streamlining my closet.  Now when I purchase clothes I feel more confident that I am investing in something that is truly my style.  I have a closet full of clothes that I love and never have the dreaded, ‘I have nothing to wear’ conversation in my head anymore. Now I think, ‘what do I get to wear today?’”

Angee Robertson
Sheic Journals

“Thanks to Michele, I am completely transformed and you can be too!

Before I worked with Michele I would go into a store and it was a sea of confusion. It was a random adventure every time that ended in frustration…shopping was my Kryptonite!

Michele was so patient with me. Now, it’s easier to get dressed and pack for trips. However, the best thing is feeling confident because of what I’m wearing. I know I look good and why!”

Maryellen Smith, Scottsdale, AZ

I’m just so excited about what Michele has taught me.

“At 41 I decided that I need to do something different.  And so, through working with Michele, she has really helped me to determine what styles work for me and my body shape, certainly what colors look better on me, and has inspired me to dress a little nicer and add things that I typically wouldn’t have worn or added.  So she’s been a great help to me and I thank her a lot.”

Tammy Lewis
Raleigh NC

I’m so glad I worked with Michele…and know that I got tremendous value from it.  

“Michele describes developing your style as a process, and that’s exactly how it’s been for me.  It was very informative and changed the way I think about my wardrobe.

After having a baby I was ready to redefine my style to go back to work.  I am the mom of three and have a very busy life, so creating a wardrobe strategy that works for me and helps me get dressed quickly and easily is essential.   It was great to feel confident in getting rid of things that were just taking up space in my closet and keeping me from seeing the clothes that I loved!

I’m so glad I worked with Michele on this and know that I got tremendous value from it.

What I’ve discovered is that creating a style that works for me is an ongoing process rather that just a quick fix.   I feel more confident when shopping and getting dressed because I know exactly what to look for – and it saves me a lot of time and money.  I can’t wait to work with Michele again in the future!”

Pam Demidovich
Raleigh, NC

“After your style coaching, I feel like a new woman.” Schelli Whitehouse

Michele has taught me how to organize my wardrobe and get dressed quickly.

“I knew I needed help with my style when I stopped coloring my hair a year ago. Very few items in my wardrobe worked anymore so I began experimenting with different colors. It proved to be a hit and miss exercise. Working with Michele helped me learn the best colors and styles that were right for me.  She has such a relaxed way about her and is totally committed to helping her clients by educating them so they make informed choices and feel totally good about themselves.  Most every time I’m out I receive compliments!”

Laura Robinson
Cary, NC

“What I enjoy most about working with Michele as my stylist is her thoughtful approach to personal style and personality. I have come to rely on Michele’s style wisdom because she’s simply so spot on. I trust no one else with my signature style.”

Olalah Njenga
CEO, YellowWood Group
Speaker & Author

“Not only does Michele make each experience fun, but I always learn something that saves me time while helping me look my best. I recently traveled to my company’s international convention, and was overwhelmed by the compliments I received. Everyone raved about my “makeover”. Packing was simplified using my core best basic colors with a few bright enhancers to complete the look. There was plenty of room left in my bag for all those samples and marketing materials I brought home. I’m looking forward to working with Michele more in the future. Thanks, Michele!”

Robin Thomas
USANA Health Sciences

“I have really enjoyed working with Michele to better understand and appreciate my style. I am much more conscious of my best colors as I shop and I am discovering how much easier it is to get dressed each day! Thank you!”

Jess McLamb, President
Roper Bookkeeping

“I enjoyed my session with Rachael so much.  After years of buying random pieces that I could never turn into full outfits, I am now able to see that using the StyleFinder ID™ system will help me make better buying choices.  Even with fewer items of clothes, I can put together so many different outfits.  Rachael made me feel so comfortable.   She didn’t try to change my style into something that isn’t me, but rather helped me find a style that makes me feel comfortable and well put together.  Now the fun part – shopping!” – Erin Martin

“Thank you, Rachael, for the fun and informative style session! It was a fun time and I learn a lot.

The very next day I put what I learned into practice and got lots of compliments. I now recognize that the outfit you showed me using my own top and pants worked much better for me with a few tweaks, rather than the way I had been wearing it. You CAN teach an old dog a few new tricks.  You really have an “eye” for this kind of thing.   I look forward to more sessions with you in the future.​” – Roxie Bittner

“Let me start by saying, I was one step away from donning a pair of mom-jeans. Thank goodness Michele was available to step in. After receiving many recommendations for her, I decided to have her over to my closet for a consult. She was amazing. I had a nine-month old at the time and, as most moms know, didn’t have any clothes that really fit the same as they did pre-baby.

Michele and I went through all of my clothes and accessories and pulled out some amazing outfits that I would never have thought of. Michele really has a knack for putting together items that you already have, which is great when you are on a tight budget.

Even now, I think while I’m getting dressed, Michele would love this outfit! Thanks to her, I have embraced my new body shape and am dressing to fit both my new figure and my personality.” Heather Rook

You’ve taught me a lot about how to ‘shop my own closet’ and have helped me save so much money! I know exactly what’s right for me. And I can’t say enough about how much I love the colors that are truly me! I stay away from the ‘shoulds’ and have realized that just because something is in style doesn’t mean it’s right for me. – Mary Joe Herring

“Yesterday I went to my nail salon, which I have been going to for many years but hadn’t been to in several months. It is a family run business, and the husband could not believe how much I had changed since last time he saw me. He was convinced I had lost a ton of weight! I haven’t, but he didn’t want to believe the change was just from dressing differently and changing my makeup (thanks Keschia!). He was falling all over himself trying to figure out my “secret”! And this is all still wearing the clothes I already had in my closet!” Pamela Santos

“Thank you Michele for everything! All week I have worn something that I bought and have been getting compliments on them. Today I was told that the blue was truly my color and that I looked like I had lost weight. That really made me feel good. Now  I’m trying to find that multi colored dress that I didn’t buy but liked. I can’t thank you enough. If I wanted to do another shopping date with you is that possible?” -Kimberly Haines