The 5 F’s of Shopping

The 5 F’s of Shopping

Have you ever been standing in the fitting room and wished for a quick guideline to help you decide – do I buy or do I pass?  Well, I have just the thing for you – the 5 F’s of shopping!

This is the quick formula that can save you from making costly mistakes in your wardrobe, and know when to walk away from a so-called ‘bargain’ that may not really be a bargain at all.  It can help you avoid that dress that you know deep in your heart is not right, but every sales associate in the store is adamant that you simply MUST have it.  It can be hard to walk away from that kind of pressure without any real tangible advice.  Until now.  Print this out, if you must.  Carry it in your purse.  Put it in your phone.  Let it become your mantra.  These guidelines will help you learn how to make conscious decisions when shopping so that you can truly cultivate your ideal wardrobe.  I present to you, the 5 F’s:

1/ Fit 

A good fit is critical, no matter what the price or the size.  In fact, if you’re spending good money on a garment, it simply must fit.  A great fit can sometimes happen off the rack, but it can just as easily come from your trusted tailor.  Take the time to seek the advice of a professional seamstress/tailor to determine if the garment in question can truly be altered to fit you like a glove.  If it pulls a the bustline or in the rear, puckers around armholes, rides up, sits too low, is too short or anything else that makes you pull and tug at it, then pass it by.  If it’s too long, gaps at the waist but fits elsewhere, fits through shoulders but is too wide through the body, then chances are it can be altered.  Some of my clients have to have most everything altered to get a great fit, so they must be certain that it’s worth it.  Build the price of the alterations into the equation when buying, if necessary, to determine if it’s still a good value.  Good fit is non-negotiable.

2/ Flatter

What’s your first impression when you put something on?  Does it remind you of something you loved years ago?  Or does it make you cringe to look at it.  Take note of the color.  You want the color to be a flattering hue and make you look your best.  You want the style to resonate with your very own personal style (our StyleFinder ID system can help).  You want to be sure the item doesn’t wear you, but also that it doesn’t get lost on you.  Like Goldilocks and the three bears, you want your garment to be just right.

3/ Function

When buying an item of clothing, typically you want it to go with at least 3 things you already own, at minimum.  If it’s an investment piece, I feel that it should go with at least 10.  It also should be something that fits into your lifestyle.  If you are seduced by a sequin cocktail dress on the clearance rack, but you haven’t worn anything like it for 10 years or more, then that will not be a functional item in your closet.  Buy only what you need, for the life you live right now.

4/ Feel

You want to buy clothing that feels good on your body, and also makes you feel like a million bucks when you have it on.  A piece of clothing may look great on the rack, but once you put it on, how do you feel?  This question alone can be your determining factor.  Something could be the right color, the right cut and suit your style, but if it makes you feel self-conscious or like you’re trying too hard, then that’s exactly how you’ll come across. Skip it and fine something that makes you light up!

5/ Fabulous!

My 5th F is Fabulous.  Don’t ever think that you don’t deserve to have only fabulous things in your closet.  Fabulous is a state of mind, my dear, and should be how you feel when you wear your clothing as well as how you think about your clothing.  Buy only what you LOVE and leave the rest.  You may not fall in love with a basic tank, but you may love how it fits, and how it works perfectly under your sheer blouse to keep everything under wraps.  That’s fabulous, and I don’t ever want you to tolerate anything that is less than. Because you’re worth it!

Take these tips to heart, but don’t keep them to yourself.  Share them with all your friends so that they too can learn to enjoy shopping and know just what’s right for them.

Need help?  Our Stylistas help you get to the essence of your style and dress in a way that makes you feel more like you, whether you’re a corporate executive or a stay at home mom. Come into the boutique at your convenience, or schedule an appointment with one of our Certified Style Coaches for a StyleFinder 101 Session.   Email me at michele@shopstylefinder.com to set up a Find Your Style inquiry session and learn how we can help you feel beautiful this fall! 

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