The Great Debate: What to Wear on the Weekend

fullsizerender-17While you may love – and look forward to  – the weekends, chances are you struggled with what to wear over the past few days.  Many professional women have their wardrobe down to a science for the office – just choose a suit, a shirt, a pair of pumps (or some variation of that) and go.  While this makes getting dressed during the week a snap, it can leave you feeling frazzled and frumpy come casual Friday.  Let me guide you to feeling confident and yes, even chic, on the weekends!

My philosophy on getting dressed, whether for the office or the weekend, is about creating consistency and cultivating a wardrobe that can multitask.  Your wardrobe, and each outfit, should tell your story.  Pay special attention to your StyleFinder ID® words, keeping what’s most important in mind and not departing from that.  Even if you’re curled up by the fire with a good book, wearing what makes you feel more connected to yourself counts!

Dressing for the weekends does NOT mean that your style goes out the window and you wear the opposite of a suit, or basically, your ‘mom jeans’ and a ratty sweatshirt.  I know it can seem tempting, especially when you’re confused, but really, there are many choices out there for you that will celebrate who you are as a beautiful woman while still feeling comfy and looking great.

Let’s get clear on one thing first, though.  There is NO one-size-fits-all approach.  Your personal style is as unique as you are, and finding what makes you look and feel great is a matter of knowing what you like and what works for you.  But don’t despair – investing a little time and effort into cultivating your weekend wardrobe will pay you back in spades and leave you looking forward to the weekend just because you have something fabulous to wear.  Try these tips:

1/ Ditch the ‘Mom’ jeans unnamed-1

Because you’ve focused most of your energy (and money) on professional wear, it may have been 10 years or more since you’ve bought a pair of jeans.  But those Mom jeans you have lurking in your closet will do absolutely nothing to flatter your figure or make you feel great.  Take some time to get a great-fitting pair of jeans.  Whether you prefer bootcut, skinny, girlfriend or straight legs, find the pair that makes you feel like a million bucks.  And don’t forget about colored denim – while I’m not a fan of light denim (I’m a dark wash girl), I do love a pair of red, teal or even leopard print jeans!3700809-p-multiview

2/ The Right Shoes

Shoes are another are where many women blow it, especially when you’re used to wearing heels to the office.  Often the default becomes your sneakers, but that’s not always the right choice.  Rest assured, there are many options that can make your look polished and pulled together while still feeling comfortable.  Try a comfy pair of low-heeled booties, wedges and even sneaker hybrids.  The choices have changed over the years and there are many options that will leave you saying YES to both style and comfort.

unnamed-23/ To a T

Instead of reaching for a baggy sweatshirt or boxy beefy-t, choose a chic and feminine top that has some shape to it.  Wearing something oversized is a sure-fire way to frump up your look, but this is an easy swap.  Our Tees by Tina layered under a jacket or cardigan create a sleek, flattering look perfect for any occasion!

4/ Wrap it Up

unnamedInstead of throwing on your old jacket from years ago, choose a jacket, cardigan or layers that truly complement and create an outfit, rather than just giving you warmth. Think of it as wrapping a package.  You want to be intentional in your choice and opt for something that coordinates and will leave you looking stylish, not looking like you’ve given up.

5/ It’s in the Details

How you punctuate your look determines how people perceive it, and how pulled together you’ll feel.  Sure, it’s the weekend, but you don’t want to totally ditch your style.  Just take it down a notch.  Grab a chic tote bag, a playful scarf, a great necklace, earrings, bracelet, even a hat, and see how these can tie your whole look together to tell your story.

Need help cultivating a weekend chic style?  We can help!  Contact us at 919-454-3068 or email me at Michele@stylefinderid.com to see how to get your weekend groove back!