The Hidden Cost of Wearing Clothes that Don’t Fit

Sarah woke up late (again) and rushed to get dressed.  She was giving a big presentation today and she wanted to nail it!  She stared into her closet wondering which outfit would be her good luck charm and help her to feel like the confident, capable professional she was.  As she pulled on her favorite cobalt blue dress, she remembered it had been a while since she’d worn it.  She went to zip it up and dress felt, well, snug.  A little too snug.  But she knew it was her power color so she persevered.  She grabbed a jacket to layer over it and remembered that she was supposed to have had it altered because it was just a little bit too big in the shoulders.  Dang!  But off she went to take her audience by storm!

As Sarah made her way to work she fidgeted.  The dress was tighter than she thought it would be and it made it hard for her to take a deep breath.  If she could just make it until lunch, she thought.  As she walked into the ladies’ room to pull herself together she took one last look into the mirror.  A dress that looked like she was poured into it, coupled with a jacket that was two sizes too big made her look like she was playing dress up in someone else’s closet – NOT like the powerful woman she wanted to be seen as.  Her confidence went out the window and she resigned herself to not making as many sales as she had been counting on (she really needed the money).  She walked into the room lackluster and anything but excited.  She was just too darn uncomfortable to care at this point and just wanted it to be over with.*sigh*



Can you relate?  While wearing clothes that don’t fit is never fun, the real cost of Sarah’s dilemma was in lost revenue and the lack of making a good first impression on her potential clients.  It’s doubtful she’ll be remembered for what she shared.  Instead, they’ll remember how uncomfortable she was in her clothes. 

 You’ve worked hard to create your business, market it and get in front of potential clients.  Don’t blow it because you’ve put on a few extra pounds, or haven’t taken the time to get to the tailor.


 How you feel in your clothes affects your work.  Like Sarah, when you’re uncomfortable in your clothes, it shows. And not just to others.  The way you feel affects you, even if you work from home by yourself.  You’re simply not going to be a successful business owner if you’re wearing pants that are too tight.  Instead, you’ll be distracted by your discomfort and your ‘failure’ of gaining a few pounds. 


If you find yourself in a place where your favorite pants are just a little tight, it’s time for action.  Make a decision about whether you’re going to lose the weight or not (no judgment).  Next, craft a plan for getting back to your ideal weight.  Then take stock of your favorite core bottoms that you need to find temporary replacements for such as black pants, a grey skirt or jeans.  Go shopping stat and find what you need to look fabulous right now. You deserve to look great, no matter what your size or your weight. 


If you want to convey a sense of authority, your clothes need to look like they were made for you.  Well-fitting clothing sends the message that you value yourself, that you are confident and that you’re capable of making good decisions.  But what if finding a great fit is difficult?


I have had many clients over the years who, quite simply, cannot find the perfect fit off the rack.  In this case you have two options:


One, find a trusted tailor.  This is not just someone who can hem the occasional pair of pants, this is someone who understands the nuances of fit, knows what the trends in fit are and can help you get the look that is best for you.


Or two, find a dressmaker who can custom-make a few pieces, or an entire wardrobe, for you.  This ensures you’ll have the perfect fit every time, provided your size doesn’t change.


True style comes from feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing, and that means wearing clothes that fit you like a glove.  You’ve worked hard to build your business; you deserve to wear clothes that convey your authority and boost your confidence.  Because life is too short to wear tight pants! 


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