The Magic of the Dress

magic of the dressWhat if there were one item of clothing you could put on that could make you look sleek, chic and pulled together, in one fell swoop?  There is – the dress!

I love dresses and have for some time.  In fact, I often favor them over skirts even though they’re not quite as versatile.  And for good reason – dresses possess a certain magic that skirts don’t.

What is it about the dress?  Dresses can be sexy, alluring and appealing in oh, so many ways, but that’s not why I’m singing praises to the dress today.  I’ll save that for another time.

The reason I’m so keen on the dress, especially this time of year, is that they’re just so darn EASY!  Yes, you heard me.  Try it for yourself.  Pop on a dress on a hot and sweltering day and see how compliments begin to fly.  You’ll look polished while keeping your cool and will marvel as the compliments fly.  People will tell you how great you look and you’ll wonder how it could all be so easy.  After all, with a dress, you just pull it on, add a few simple accessories and a great pair of shoes and you’re off.  No fussing with details, no coordinating pieces and wondering if they work.  Easy peasy.

One thing I love about a great dress is that it can be sleek and slimming.  When the dress is a solid color or print, you get the elongating effects of top and bottom being the same, meaning it whittles away pounds and can even make you look taller.

When buying a dress, knowing your body type is key.  Here are a few pointers:

  1. If you’re an hourglass or pear shape, opt for a fit-and-flare style.  This is fitted through the bodice, has a defined waistline, and has an a-line skirt that gently skims hips and thighs.
  2.  If you’re upper body dominant, opt for a fitted dress with waistline definition and a short, straight skirt.  A sleeveless or halter-style will minimize upper body while focusing attention on your fab legs.
  3. If you’re an apple shape, choose a fitted bodice. A  bit of a sleeve such as a cap will offer more coverage around the underarm area, where a bustline can often pull fabric and expose your bra.  Look for a great fit through the middle without a defined waist.  Ruching, strategic wrapping or other treatment can be great for camouflaging a tummy.
  4. If you’re a different size on top than you are on bottom, buying a dress can be tricky.  My best suggestion is buy it to fit the largest part of your body, then have the rest altered.
  5. Wear appropriate lingerie for your dress.  This is important! Skip the thong and opt for boy shorts, high-cut briefs or Power Panties (such as Spanx) to create a smooth, sleek line around tummy, hips and bottom.  You don’t want your undies ruining your bottom line!

One of the downsides (the only one I can think of) is that I am often ‘accused’ of being ‘dressed up’ when I wear a dress.  As if that’s really a downside!

Find your best dress this summer and see how chic, versatile and easy it can truly be!

Need help?  Let our StyleFinder Stylista’s help you find your perfect dress!  Stop by the boutique for a personal shopping experience and see how amazing you can look in a dress!