The Romantic Side of Neutrals

Untitled design (2)‘Tis the season to wear white, but what if you want something a little more sophisticated, somethine more romantic?  Forget the look of white on white. It’s perfect for your daughter but you need something more grown up.

Wearing neutrals that flatter your coloring can create a sexy, sensual appearance that makes you look your beautiful best.  Here’s how:

1/ The Skin You’re In –  Basic white can often wash you out, but opting for a rich nude (that matches YOUR skintone) that is close to your skintone can make your skin glow!  Try it in a blouse, a scarf or a pair of sandals or wedges to elongate legs.
2/ Tone on Tone – Wearing the same color head to toe can be boring.  Mix it up by varying the hues and blending similar shades that are just steps away from each other in value.  The goal is to create subtle depth rather than stark contrast.

3/ Metallica – Wearing metallic versions of neturals adds richness to your look.  Try a metallic accent – it not only goes with everything, it adds sophistication and elegance.

4/ Mix Master – Incorporate both nudes, neutrals and metallics in the same look for a stunning and flattering effect.  Add in texture, such as lace or a gorgeous gemstone necklace to set the look off.

5/ Kiss and Makeup – When wearing nudes and neutrals, keep your makeup in similar tones as your skintone.  It adds harmony to your look and helps it to flow effortlessly.

**Need help?  Stop into the boutique and let our stylista’s help you to try the boho trend in a way that complements your style!