The Secret Power of Accessories

Accessories are the fun part of your wardrobe and the icing on the cake.  They’re where you really get to have fun with a look and inject a bit of your own personality into the mix.  But more than just a fun way to highlight your look, accessories are IMPORTANT.  They provide the finishing touch to an outfit. Much like the punctuation mark at the end of a sentence, they help set the tone.  Best of all, they can transform an outfit from casual to dressy and back at the drop of a hat (literally!).  Most women really don’t need a closet full of clothes, but just a great selection of accessories to give their clothes more mileage.

Along with creating a variety of looks, there are many compelling reasons to focus on accessories:

  1. Accessories pull your look together and add polish, even to the most basic of outfits.
  2. Jewelry that brings light to your face can knock years off your age.
  3. When worn appropriately, accessories can add richness to your look and draw the eye upward, creating a slimming effect.
  4. Accessories that highlight your personal coloring and express your unique style will set you apart from those who might wear similar clothing.
  5. Accessories can be conversation starters and offer an easy opening for people to get to know you.

Whether you love to pile them on, or are a true minimalist when it comes to accessories, the art of adornment is one not to be ignored.  To complete your look you’ll need a good set of accessories to play a supporting role in your wardrobe.  Yet, knowing just what the right accessories are for each individual can be a daunting proposition. Several factors come into play when selecting jewelry for each client.  More than just what looks good at first glance, there is a real science behind what size, shape and color flatter a person.  Understanding a few key elements will empower you to select jewelry for your clients with confidence:

1/ Personal Coloring    

Accessories should relate to your personal coloring, as well as to the look you want to achieve.  Accessories don’t have to match your coloring, but it is best if they relate to it in some way.  Accessories should enhance you as much as they enhance your clothing.

  • Wearing earrings or a necklace in your eye color will really make your sparkle and lighten up your face.
  • Earrings or a necklace that pick up highlights in your hair will make your hair look luminous.
  • Wearing your best colors near your face reflect the light upwards and can cast flattering tones on your face, creating a more youthful appearance.

2/ Face Shape


Believe it or not, there is a science behind not only color, but which shapes of jewelry look best on each woman.  The shape of your face determines whether you look better in rounded shapes or more angular shapes.  If the lines of your face are more contoured, or rounded, choose pieces that reflect this with circles, ovals and curves.  If you’re more angular, choose more angular styles, including squares, rectangular, or other angular shape, or a necklace that creates a V.

3/ Personal Scale


If you’ve ever felt that your necklace wore you, or that your bracelet just got lost, you’re right!  You want to choose jewelry that balances out your height, weight, stature, hair, facial features, etc.  Here’s why, and how to fix it:

For petite women (Dainty Diva) who are small or dainty, or have small facial features, the best accessories are those that echo their proportions.  For the petite/small/dainty woman, less is more.

For the average-sized woman (Glamour Girl), choose accessories that are medium in scale.

For women who are larger and/or taller (Rock Star) the best choices will be items that make a statement such as a bold necklace, a chunky bracelet or earrings that have some impact.

For women who are big, bold and beautiful (Goddess), more is more!  They need a bold necklace, a chunky bracelet AND earrings with substance to balance out their Goddess stature.

Creating Accessory Capsules

Layering jewelry is a wonderful way to create a personalized look, and can be worn by all women. While most women do love accessories, they aren’t always sure how to wear them.  Try creating Accessory Capsules.  This is a clever way of creating a group of accessories that work together and can be worn with multiple outfits.

When you put together multiple pieces of jewelry that are in scale with your size, then add in a scarf, handbag or other items, you really see the impact that can be made when wearing an accessories capsule.  It makes a statement and helps pull your look together.

Putting accessories together to enhance your look can be easy when you follow these steps.  I want you to discover the secret power of accessories to help you feel polished, chic and all you!

Need help putting together accessories, or knowing what’s right for you?  Our stylista’s can help!  Come into StyleFinder Boutique for a personalized shopping experience and discover exactly what works for you!  Call 919-454-3068 for more information.