The Secret to Finding Clothes that Fit

In the past couple of years since StyleFinder Boutique opened, I’ve heard from so many women who have come in that they simply hate shopping because they can never find anything that fits, much less, fits well.  Then after working with our Stylista’s, they have been truly amazed at what they’ve been able to find – clothing that looks great and fits them like a glove!

It’s no coincidence that we’re able to help so many women of all ages and sizes find great clothing.  After working as a Master Style Coach for almost 10 years, I have worked closely with my clients to understand what cuts work for different body types.

There is a science behind it that I want to share with you, in hopes that YOU can understand what to look for – and what to stay far, far away from.

1/ Know Your Shape – Did you know that less than 10% of all women know what their body type is?  Even if you can’t label yours, take time to understand where you are balanced, where you carry most of your weight (remember, no judgment!) and what your proportions are.  This is the biggest change you can make!

2/ Know Your Best Features – Do you have great legs?  Show them off!  When you can pinpoint a few of your favorite features, then you can play them up with cuts of clothing, color or accessories.  Then all eyes will be on you for all the right reasons!

3/ Forget About Size – This is where most women get hung up.  Size can be a very arbitrary thing, and if you have to go up (or down), it’s just a number.  Focus on fit rather than size and see how much better you’ll feel.

4/ Embrace What Makes You Different – We’re all built differently, and have different needs when it comes to getting dressed.  Just because something is in style, or your friends wear it, does not mean it’s the right cut for you.  Find a version that works with your body type and rock it like a boss!

5/ Celebrate YOU! – Take time to find what fits you and makes you shine!  So many women try on 1 or 2 things, get discouraged and leave a store feeling frustrated and depressed.  Take the time to get to the good stuff – it may take some time, but the reward is understanding what’s right for you – and what’s not – and learning how to get dressed for who YOU are!

Need help?  Our Stylista’s can help you get the best fit possible!  Stop into StyleFinder Boutique today for expert help in shopping and putting together a wardrobe.  Or book a personal style session with our certified StyleFinder Style Coaches to discover your body type – and more!  You’ll learn exactly what’s right for you, and learn how to save money by buying only what’s right for you!

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