The Super Stars Your Wardrobe Needs Now!

Every season there are a handful of pieces that you come to rely on.  They’re your go-to items, pieces that can simply make anything they’re paired with more amazing.  They’re like trusted friends in your wardrobe, and you know you can count on them time after time.

If you’re not careful, you could begin relying on the same ol’, same ol’ that are tired, worn and tattered, and instead of being uplifting to your wardrobe, they make you feel like you’re hiding out.  But you don’t know what else to wear! Help!

What you need are a few new style super stars!  These five pieces are wardrobe building blocks, which make up the foundation of your wardrobe – and they each have hidden super powers to boot!  Ladies, start your lists:

The New Twinset
Forget the classic twinset from days of yore.  That look is tired and matronly.  Instead, choose a modern twist of a tank and longer, flowy cardigan in a wrinkle-free knit!

Super powers: the fabric is wrinkle-free and very forgiving, the length skims your body at just the right place to make you look pounds thinner, perfect for travel and wear year-round!

Our favorite is from Clara Sunwoo, available in navy, black and coral (solid) or white with cut work, as shown) at StyleFinder Boutique.

2/ The Anorak

The anorak, or utility jacket, has been a perennial favorite as we move into spring, and with good reason.  It pulls your look together while keeping you dry during an impromptu spring shower!  Choose classic olive for a more neutral choice, or inject a bit more personality with a gorgeous blue!

Super powers: An anorak adds instant polish while fending off the early morning chill, works well with pants or dresses, and protects you from an unexpected shower.

Our favorite is from Tribal available at StyleFinder Boutique.

3/ The Colorful Pant

Nothing says spring more than the season’s best brights!  Trade in your black pants for shades of fuchsia or turquoise and give your wardrobe an instant update that will make you feel right on point!

Super powers: They may be bright, but these pants will go with far more colors than you can imagine!  Pair them with crisp white, olive green or beige to tone it down; mix it with an equally bright hue to amp it up.

Our favorites are from Insight, available at StyleFinder Boutique. 

4/ A Great Fitting Pair of Jeans

A pair of jeans that fit you like a glove are worth their weight in gold!  There are few things worse than pulling on a pair of jeans only to find that they cut, bind and give you a muffin top. When you find your perfect pair, it’s magical!

Super Powers: A well fitting pair of jeans eliminates bulk and bulges around waistline and creates a sleek look, they are instantly slimming and feel like a dream!  They make anything you put them with look right on trend and can be dressed up or down, depending on what you put them with.

**This time of year, try a pair of white jeans for a fresh look!  Our favorites are from Beija Flor, Not Your Daughter’s Jeans and Tribal, vailable at StyleFinder Boutique.

5/ The Textured Tee

Forget those bulky, boxy tee shirts you’ve had in your closet for years and hate to wear. Ditch ‘em and stock up on these textured tees that are slimming and far more polished. Available in a rainbow of colors, these will become your new go-to tank.

Super powers: Our Tees by Tina were created by a Pilates instructor and designed for both form and function. Their texture acts as camouflage to smooth a tummy, add interest and even mask a mastectomy.  Layer under jackets, cardigans or wear on their own all year long!

Our favorite is Tees by Tina, available at StyleFinder Boutique.


Stop by and let us show you how our favorites can transform your wardrobe and your life!