The Truth About Shopping

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being inadequate, fear of not being good enough, fear of being too fat (although she wasn’t) and more.  Because Mary had a full hourglass figure, but hovered around 5’1”, she had a difficult time finding clothing that fit.  Her shopping experiences over the past years had been few and far between, and when she did venture out it was with such trepidation that she tried to get through them as quickly as possible.  Because she felt anxious, she rushed through the experience, never really taking the time to discover if something was really right for her or to determine how she felt about it.  Instead, she grabbed things she thought were ok, and then simply made do with them, knowing they made her look frumpy and older than she was.  Do you do the same?

It turns out that Mary is not alone.  Shopping is something that women avoid like the plague for many reasons which include:

1/ Feeling intimidated by sales associates – You know the feeling.  You walk into a store and the sales person can’t be bothered to look up or even greet you.  When you want to try something on you feel as if you’re bothering them, and you dare not even ask for something in a larger size for fear of being looked down on.  My advice?  Find somewhere else to shop where you are appreciated for who you are!

2/ Finding clothing that actually fits your body – If you’re a hard to fit size, a different size on top and bottom, or an apple shape, finding clothing that fits you can be a challenge.  It can be frustrating to try and make something work on your body, and sales people may not always give you the best advice.  My advice?  Learn about your body type and how to dress for it.  Then instead of trusting an ill-informed sales associate, trust yourself or a professional (such as myself).

3/ Feeling bad about your body or your size – Going shopping when you’re not at your ideal weight can be a challenge.  After all, if you’re not happy with where you are, it can be difficult to part with your hard earned cash to clothe your bigger body.  Yet you need something to wear and don’t want to look like a frump.  My advice? Love yourself and your body, at whatever size you are.  Find something to be grateful for and then honor yourself by dressing your best.  Looking and feeling great can be just the motivation you need to get back to your ideal weight.  And if not?  You still look great!

 4/ Feeling Overwhelmed – You walk into a store and immediately become paralyzed by the massive selection.  You have no idea where to start, and just want to turn around and go home.  My advice?  Do your homework.  Find out what your true style is (hint: our StyleFinder Assessment can help!) and determine what’s right for your body type, your coloring, your lifestyle, etc.  Once you know these elements, they’ll help you to know what’s right and what’s wrong.

 5/ Finding clothing that you like – Often I hear from women that they have a hard time finding things that they even like. Many women think things are cut too short, too long, are too sheer, etc.  There simply aren’t enough choices out there.  My advice?  Keep looking!  Chances are you’ll find things you like if you spend enough time looking.  Be patient and have a clear goal in mind.  Don’t just wander aimlessly. If all else fails, contact a good seamstress and have it made!

Once I got a handle on exactly why shopping was a hot button issue for Mary, then I was able to help her.  During our session I brought her item after item to try on.  There was no judgment, just an assessment of how each garment made her feel.  I began to see her confidence coming back and loved seeing her step out of the fitting room to strike a pose!  It turned out successful and she was elated.  Days later I received a note from her thanking me and letting me know how much our shopping trip had helped her to conquer her longtime fear and move forward with confidence.

I want to see you do the same and shop with confidence!  You are worth looking your best – don’t settle for anything less.

Hate Shopping, or just need help?  Our StyleFinder Stylistas are ready to help you!  Simply stop in, or make an appointment (919-454-3068) and get ready for your own personal style experience that will help you to get what you need – and may just teach you to learn to love shopping!  


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