The Truth About Skinny Jeans

By now, you’ve surely noticed that skinny jeans are all the rage. They’re everywhere you look – in magazines, on models and in stores. While bootcuts and flares seem to be the style of the moment, skinny jeans have taken up a place in our hearts (and closets) and are not going to be leaving anytime soon.Kelly-jeans

Years ago jeggings came out and were all the rage. I remember chatting with a boutique owner who informed me that “all women must own a pair of jeggings.” I used to think she was dead wrong. Now, I almost tend to agree with her.

When skinnies first hit the scene, I would not let them near my hourglass figure. But several years later, I saw the light. I have come to realize that skinny jeans can not only be flattering on women of all shapes and sizes, but that they can actually whittle off pounds (visually) and make a women look taller and thinner. Who knew?

The key lies in how you wear them. Sure, those who are tall and thin can throw them off with a cute top and a pair of flats, conjuring images of Audrey Hepburn. But for those of us who have a bit more curve to their shape need to wear them differently. Here’s how to wear skinny jeans (or pants) to look ten pounds thinner and rock your look!

1/ Linear Body Type

You’re long, lean and have few, if any, curves. Skinnies are perfect for your lithe, athletic body type. Try pairing them with a just-below-the-waist top. Layer on a vest or jacket to create the illusion of curves. A pair of ballet flats or booties will finish this look off with style.

2/ Apple Body Type

Apples carry their weight in the tummy and bustline area. When worn correctly skinny jeans can be your secret weapon for looking slim. Try a pair in a dark color and top it off with a thigh-grazing tunic in a deep, rich color that gently skims the body. You ant it slightly fitted, not too voluminous. Elongate your leg line with a pair of shoes or boots in a similar color to your pants and draw the eye upward with a gorgeous necklace.

3/ Pear Body Type

Pears carry their weight below the waist and are generally curvy in this area. Ensure you select a pair of skinny jeans that fit you well in this area (we recommend Beija Flor) and keep you covered without creating a muffin top. A printed A-line tunic with an asymmetrical hemline will slim the body and draw the eye upward while a statement necklace will keep the focus where you want it – around your face.

4/ Hourglass Body Type

f you’re curvy both above and below the waist, chances are you’re an hourglass. Be sure to choose skinny jeans that hug your curves and don’t give you a muffin top. A darker wash minimizes your hips and thighs. Team these with a vibrant print longer blouse or tunic, and a long cardigan. If you have a small waist, a belt will make the most of your small waist.

Pull-on jeans of today have nothing on jeggings from years ago. Rock your skinnies (whether pull on or not) and know that you are looking sleek and chic! Need help learning how to wear skinny jeans? Our StyleFinder Stylista’s can help you to style your look to chic perfection!