Think You Can’t Wear Boyfriend Jeans?  Think Again!

Joes-Jeans-Boyfriend-JeansOver the years, skinny jeans have made there way into the forefront of the denim market, leaving room for few other styles.  The Boyfriend jean, however, has taken the reins and is showing no signs of letting go anytime soon.

The boyfriend (or girlfriend) jean is popular for quite a few reasons.  Their slouchy, comfortable look gives off that effortless vibe and allows you to look chic without looking like you tried too hard.  Yet, try as they might, many women have deemed the boyfriend jean ‘not for them’ for a variety of reasons.  Many styles are cut for young figures, and not made for us over 35’s who have curves.  While there is no one style that is right for everyone, this is one style that is right for more women than you might think when you have the right pair.

Dilemma: Boyfriend jeans typically sit low on the hips, with a little slouch, and wearing them with a tucked in shirt (or half-tuck) gives a bit more structure to this look.  If you’re a little fuller through the tummy, hip, though area, this look only makes you look bigger.NYDJ

Redux:  Wear a boyfriend jean that has a high rise, with a built-in tummy control panel such as our version from Not Your Daughter’s Jeans (right).  They create a slim, sleek look and allow you to wear a longer top or tunic that offers coverage without adding extra pounds.

Dilemma: Another hallmark of the boyfriend jean is the shredded look in the legs.  Sometimes veering on the edge of looking trashy, this look is much more trendy than it is classic.

Redux: Opt for a variegated wash instead of shredding or holes.  It looks much more polished and put-together at our age, if you know what I mean;-)

Dilemma: Fuller legs create an easy fit.  However, fullness through the thighs can make you look bigger than you are.

Redux: Choose boyfriend jeans that have a sleeker, more streamlined fit with some stretch.  These will visually whittle away pounds while allowing you just as much comfort as baggy legs.

Boyfriend jeans, when done right, can be the perfect transition piece into fall.  Wear them with sandals, flats or booties, throw on your favorite top and you’re ready for just about anything!  See how you can rock a pair of boyfriend jeans, and how great they can look when you wear a fit that is made for your figure!

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