Travel Chic: Pack Light, Dress Well

It’s June already and chances are you have a trip of some kind planned for this summer.  Whether you’re beach bound or heading out for a cruise, you want to be sure you look great and have everything you need.  And if you’re like me, you like to overpack.  In fact, I recall one of the first times I went to NYC.  It was the Big Apple and I wanted to ‘dress to impress’.  I packed all my favorites because I ‘might need them’.  When it came time to pack everything up to come home, my suitcase was so crammed full that the zipper burst open. (true story).

I could tell you some other stories too, including the time I even took bags of produce from the green market on the plane, or that time we drove to NY and I decided I had to have my hand weights to keep my arms toned.  LOL.  Fortunately over the years I have learned to master the fine art of packing and I now breeze through the terminal with simply a carry-on and my computer bag.  No bulging seams anywhere in sight.

Whether for work or for play, you can’t take your entire closet.  This strategy comes in handy to save you time, money and room in your luggage.  Plus, it can help you put together a great travel wardrobe at a moment’s notice. Being fashion savvy in terms of travel doesn’t have to be complicated.  My top three guidelines are below and can be game-changers not only when it comes to travel, but in how you think about your wardrobe.

 1/ Shoes First – You could easily pack an entire suitcase of nothing but shoes, but who wants to lug them around?  Instead, choose the shoes you want to take first (preferably something comfortable and chic) and build your outfits around them.  Skip the heels and opt for wedges, flats, sandals or sneakers.  Limit yourself to just 2-3 pairs, and wear your bulkiest pair en route.  You can do it!

 2/ Build Capsules – We teach our clients to build wardrobe capsules, which are between 7 -12 pieces of clothing that mix and match to create many outfits.  Don’t just think of 1 outfit, think of how many outfits you can create with each piece.  This way you get maximum versatility from everything you take, and you can even get away with a carry-on for even your longest trips.

3/ Wrinkle-Free – Ideally, everything you pack should be wrinkle-resistant and in a fabric that you can easily wash out in the sink if you need to.  Many of the fabrics in StyleFinder are just that, and you can roll them up into a small bag and pull them out to look gorgeous!  Who has time for ironing?  Typically to go wrinkle-free, you’ll want to look for a blend of nylon, polyester, spandex or microfiber.  These resist wrinkles best, where natural fibers will wrinkle faster than you can say spandex.  Finding items that are wrinkle-resistant will assure that you look polished and put-together with little to no effort.  What can be better than that?

Here’s what I posted back in January after spending a week in Jamaica.  Packing for warm weather when the temperatures were anything but was a challenge, but I was able to master it nonetheless:

“I just packed up and realized I’ve worn every single piece of clothing in my suitcase! This was my last outfit, except what I’ll wear for travel tomorrow. Packing for the summer when there’s snow on the way was a challenge, but it turned out I had everything I needed. I’ve worked hard to build my wardrobe and practice what I preach, and my @stylefinder_boutique clothes have been perfect! I haven’t needed anything else!” — at Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall.

 Looking great while traveling can be easy when you follow these three guidelines.  A wardrobe capsule will assure that you have many great options with only a few pieces of clothing.  Wrinkle-free fabrics will assure that you look great even after a long day on safari or sightseeing.  And only taking 2-3 pairs of shoes can be more liberating than you can imagine!  From here, add in scarves that can double as wraps, swimsuit cover-ups or pareos, a few pieces of jewelry and a bag that can hold all your essentials, plus a clutch for evening, or to stash inside your bigger bag.  Don’t forget a hat, sunglasses and a swimsuit.  You’ll be surprised how many looks you can create using these methods, but the best surprise of all is that you can now get away with a carry-on!  Bon voyage!

Shopping List:

  • Neutral Pants (3 pairs)
  • Jeans that fit well
  • Black Skirt (wrinkle free)
  • Tops in bold hues (tanks, tees, etc that are wrinkle-resistant)
  • Dressy tank
  • Neutral Cardigan
  • Anorak
  • Denim Jacket or Relaxed Blazer
  • Large Handbag that can double as Tote
  • Clutch
  • Chic Sneakers
  • Sandals, Wedges

Need help planning your travel wardrobe?  Let our Stylista’s help you dress to impress no matter what your destination.  Visit us at StyleFinder in North Hills or reach out at 919-454-3068.

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