Wardrobe Building Blocks: Secrets Your Mother Never Taught You

Decades-old dresses, ill-fitting jeans and tops that don’t go with anything.  Does this sound familiar?  If this is what’s in your closet at any given moment, then it’s no wonder every day when you go to get dressed you feel, well…


There, I said it.  And I know how it makes you feel because I’ve been there too.  Years ago.  And I vowed never to return.

Want to break free of feeling desperate and actually have a closet filled with clothes that make you feel BEAUTIFUL?



You can.  But you need a plan.  A really, really good plan.

Many women grow up thinking that they know how to build a wardrobe because they saw their mother do it, or their great aunt, or the stylish mom of a friend.  Yet the truth is that many women are misguided, and instead of buying things that work to build a wardrobe and give you plenty of options day in and day out, you simply repeat the same mistakes. Mistakes that are based on very out-dated rules.  You know the drill…

Buy multiples.  Wear a black dress.  Everyone MUST have blah, blah, blah…

In my humble opinion, the only thing everyone MUST have are the right clothes!

Now, let’s get to that.  Do you have the right clothes?  Chances are pretty good that you do NOT, and that you spend a great deal of time feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and downright desperate when it came to shopping, putting together an outfit or getting dressed.

Do you really want to continue to make the same mistakes?  I know in your heart of hearts that you really don’t.  How do I know this?  Because making these mistakes time after time will only leave you heartbroken, powerless, timid and alone.  Instead of taking the plunge headfirst into the dating scene, or a new job, or a big change or living the life of your dreams, you’re holding yourself back.  Feeling unworthy.  Playing small.  I know. I’ve been there, remember?

So here’s my plan of escape for you.  Don’t worry, it’s easy to follow, no matter where you are in the world.  And the best part is that this truly is a ONE SIZE FITS ALL, even in a world where one size NEVER fits all.  It’s adaptable.  Open to interpretation.  And something you can customize to express who you truly are, and be the best YOU, you can be.  Sound good so far?  Come closer…

I’d like to introduce you to something very special. It’s a concept I call Wardrobe Building Blocks, and it’s a very a very simple strategy – a proven system you can use to create fabulous outfits again and again.

Remember: As you age you want to begin playing down the trends and leaning towards a more timeless style. But always trust your intuition – only YOU know what is right for you.

How does it work? WBB starts from square one and walks you through what it takes to build a wardrobe that allows you to create multiple outfits – effortlessly and repeatedly. Hint: It’s often easier to start with a bottom, such as pants or a skirt, and build upward.

1/ Gain Clarity in Your Closet

Take a good long look and a serious inventory of what works and what doesn’t. Determine which items are the keepers and which ones can go. Remember, those items you hold on to that no longer support you merely create clutter (both mental and physical).

Determine what your closet is lacking and those items that would stretch what you already have. Do you need more core basics? More accent items? Both? Make a list and stick to it, being flexible if you find something that greatly enhances what you already have.

2/ Recipe for Success

Begin with the basics: Core Wardrobe Items

  • Items in your best basic, least memorable colors
  • Invest in items that are timeless and will last for years
  • Stick to a neutral color story so essentially everything matches

Think beyond basic black. Chocolate, caramel, ivory, navy, plum, olive, mushroom, toasted almond. Don’t forget Metallics and textures.

Ignore the “shoulds” and create your very own top ten list of wardrobe building items. Take into account your lifestyle, your age, your body type, your personal style. If you’ve worked with us to discover your StyleFinder ID® and your style Archetype, then you have a list of our recommended Top 10 items that are targeted to your style.

3/ Add in accent items

These are items in your best bright colors that make your neutrals pop. Accent items are fun print tops, a scarf in your eye color, a handbag that stands out. These are much more memorable and are worn less frequently, as well as only for a season or two. It’s ok to go cheap on accent items. Experiment with trends to find what works for you. Add in some of the most current colors to bring your wardrobe up to date. Find age appropriate ways to include a trend in your wardrobe.

4/ Accessories are the icing on the cake

Create accessories capsules that work with multiple outfits in your closet.


First, define the look you want to create. Is it simple and elegant? Edgy urban? Feminine luxe? The good news is that accessories can transform your look and punctuate it to make a statement that is all you! So choose your them, then accessorize to your heart’s content!

“Accessories are like vitamins to fashion.” Anna Della Russo

Next, start with one piece of jewelry, say a great necklace. Don’t automatically assume that you NEED earrings with this. Too often I see women who are wearing a great necklace AND great earrings, but together
there is no continuity, no harmony and the look is just overwhelming. If you do prefer earrings and a necklace, opt for pieces that complement rather than compete with each other. Then ask yourself what you could ADD to create a more unified look.  You want to take into account your personal scale and find accessories that are right for your stature and do not either overwhelm or get lost on you.



Once you come up with a few combinations that you like, snap pics with your phone and refer back to them. This will make getting dressed effortless, and will help you to create outfits that are greater than the sum of their parts. You can do this!

5/ Find Your Signature Items for the Season

What defines your style this season? It is a great pair of boots? Print pants? A color capsule? Blue everything? Whatever it is, determine your look and how you can make it your own. Then build your wardrobe AROUND your signature items and you’ll begin to see a theme emerge. This theme is your Signature Style. It’s simple. And it’s all YOU!

Need help to build a better wardrobe?  Our Stylista’s can help!  Stop into StyleFinder Boutique today for expert help in outfit coordination and putting it all together.  Want to go deeper?  Book a personal style session with our certified StyleFinder Style Coaches to discover exactly what’s right for you, and learn how to save money by buying only what’s right for you!


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