What Are You Tolerating in Your Wardrobe?

In our lives there are many things that we tolerate each day that are out of our control; the traffic during your daily commute, your take-out order that got screwed up, your in-laws who decided to drop in unexpectedly.  Sometimes we just need to take a deep breath and let it go.

Yet when it comes to your image and your wardrobe, simply tolerating things that bother you zaps your energy and sends the message to yourself that you don’t matter – that you don’t deserve to have a wonderful wardrobe or even a clean pair of pants. Getting up every day faced with the proposition of a lackluster wardrobe, items that don’t fit or flatter, or clothes that just don’t feel like you will drain your energy and leave you feeling frumpy, frazzled and anything but confident,confidence And what does that do to your self-esteem? Well, you can only imagine.

A few of the many things you may be tolerating when it comes to your clothes could include:

  • wearing clothes that don’t fit or flatter your body
  • wearing items that are stained, ripped or torn
  • wearing items that don’t really suit your personal style
  • wearing pants that need to be hemmed
  • a disorganized closet that makes you depressed to just look at it
  • a lack of style
  • shoes that need to be polished and/or repaired

Ok, I could go on and on, but you get the picture. Now I’d like to ask you to think about 5 things that you tolerate in your wardrobe (or with your image) that, if corrected, would help you feel like a million bucks. This could be anything from the threadbare bra you wear to the ill-fitting jeans you own. Start with the most simple-to-fix tolerations and then make a point to do something about them, stat! Once you take charge of those little frustrations then you can begin to focus your energy on taking your look to the next level, wearing the right clothes for your body and feeling fabulous!

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