What NOT to Wear for Thanksgiving

downloadThe big day is almost here!  Whether you’re hosting a family gathering, going to visit family and friends, or going out, we want to be sure you look fabulous while feeling comfortable.

What’s most important about Thanksgiving?  Spending time with, and being thankful for, those you care about most.  Our family tradition is to gather at my sister’s house – all 25+ of us – and have a wonderful mid-day feast.  We have many relatives who are in the Southern Pines area, and some who travel from much further away.  But once we get together, it’s not just a quick meal.  We leisurely eat, and after that there’s football, catching up with each other, and eventually, dessert.  We like to linger for hours, enjoying each others company.  So comfort is key!

What you don’t want to wear this Thanksgiving!

1/ Jeans that Cut, Bind and Give You a Muffin Top –
While you might think this would be a great incentive not to overeat at Thanksgiving, the reality is, it will just make you cranky.  (Trust me on this one:-).  And when you’re cranky, you’re much more likely to overeat.

Instead, choose a great pair of pull-on jeans that give you plenty of room to indulge without making you feel bad about yourself.  We have several pull-on styles that don’t look like pull-on’s, but give you all the comfort you can imagine while keeping you looking sleek and chic.

2/ Something That’s Not Really You –
If you’ve fallen into a rut, but are desperately trying to pull it together, don’t make the mistake of looking like you’re trying to hard and wear something that isn’t really you.  You’ll just end up feeling fake and not nearly as comfortable (in your clothes or yourself) as you could be.

Instead, opt for an outfit that makes you feel more like, well, YOU!  You’ll feel amazing and will show up as the best version of you!

3/ Something That Doesn’t Give You Options –
What’s worse than being uncomfortable at Thanksgiving is wearing something that you can’t take off if you get hot.  Skip the bulky, heavy sweater or garment that will make you burn up.

Instead, choose layers.  A faux fur vest over a tunic, a cape over a top or a cardigan with a tee all give you options.  Adjust your layers as your temperature heats up and you’ll be much more comfortable.

Other things to avoid…high heels that you can’t lounge around in, anything itchy or restrictive, anything you don’t love!

Need help?  Our Stylista’s can help you look amazing this holiday season!  Just stop by the boutique or call to set up an appointment at 919-454-3068!  Let us help you rock your style this Thanksgiving!

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