What’s Now, What’s New, What’s Next

Spring is practically here – are you ready to ditch your drab winter clothes and sport some color?  Color abounds this season, with shades of blue, green, pink and orange everywhere.  But what to wear?  It can be downright confusing to walk into a boutique and be inundated with gorgeousness of all kinds.  Before you get struck like a deer in the headlights, read these tips and take note.  Learning to navigate the new spring styles really can be easy!

Spring Trend Highlights:

1/ White – Ok, first let’s dispel the myth that you must wait until Memorial Day to wear white.  Simply NOT true.  Even white jeans are being worn year-round.  White is a fresh, crisp and clean look that is making a star appearance this spring.  While it’s an annual spring staple, get ready to rock your white in all new ways.  White on white?  White with pale neutrals?  White with brights?  Yes, yes, and yes!  Oh, and black and white is always a classic look.  When wearing multiple white pieces, try mixing textures or slightly varying shades for added interest.

2/ Stripes – Stripes are a classic look, but are making a comeback this spring.  But not just any old stripes!  Try wearing ‘pieced’ stripes that go in different directions (they can be VERY flattering), mixed stripes in different sizes or with different geometrics in the same garment, or stripes worn inan unexpected place such as your shoes or your handbag.

3/ Nautical Inspiration Put a fresh spin on this classic by adding in the season’s best hues!  Trade your trad red, white and blue for a fresh royal blue and mint green!  It’s a vibrant combination that flatters many skintones while helping you sail right into spring!

4/ Channel Your Inner Chanel – Looking for a look that is polished, elegant and right on trend?  Look no further than the Chanel-inspired jacket!  We have this great style in a lovely black or teal boucle that will put the finishing touch on everything from dresses, to trousers to your white jeans!

5/ Green with EnvyGreen is the color of the year!  While Pantone touts a lime-green variation, finding your best shade of green will leave you looking your fabulous best.  We love olive green, or oak-moss as one vendor calls it.  It’s a wonderful alternative to khaki that is more modern, but it is decidedly subtle and just may become your favorite neutral!  Wear it in a jacket, pants or even a top, then pop it with a bold hue such as turquoise, coral or yellow – or keep it soft with white.

The spring trends don’t have to be overwhelming.  Start with a couple, and find what feels comfortable to you.  Keep moving forward, taking baby steps (or bold leaps!) and you will continue to cultivate and reinvent your style – the secret of always looking great and staying out of a rut!

Need help?  Stop into StyleFinder Boutique and let our Stylista’s help you try some new colors, shapes and styles this season!  We can help you put together an outfit, a capsule or an entire wardrobe to makes you look and feel beautiful from the inside out!  Call 919-454-3068 for more information.