Whip Your Wardrobe Into Shape!

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How’s your fall and winter wardrobe shaping up?  If you haven’t yet swapped out your closet, or begun building your fall wardrobe, then now is the time!  The weather is still in the process of cooling off, but fall is definitely here and chilly mornings are fast becoming the norm, meaning a jacket is a must and you should probably skip the sandals.

We’ve worked with a lot of clients lately to help them to get their wardrobes together to take them through the season with ease.  I’ve even done work on my own wardrobe.  I swapped my summer clothes out for fall recently and it’s been a huge change.  I now regularly grab my boots and a wrap before heading out for a busy day, and have realized where the ‘holes’ are in my wardrobe and what I need for the season.

It’s so nice to step into a colorful, coordinated and organized closet and see things that are right for right now.  I want to help you do the same.  Follow these tips to streamline your wardrobe and get it ready for a busy season ahead:

1/ Color Coordinate:

You may have everything you need already in your closet, but can you find it?  When you color coordinate your items, sorting from light to dark, then you can easily see that you already have 4 black turtlenecks and really don’t need another one.  You can also see what’s missing and start making your shopping list.

2/ Attention to Detail:

Take note of what needs to go to the cleaners, what needs to be hemmed or altered, or what you need to finish an outfit.  If you’ve been waiting to get the right camisole to wear under a gorgeous blouse, then take care of it.  If you need the right shapewear for a certain dress, then grab your dress and head to the mall or a speciality shop.  Polish, reheel and resole your shoes.  Nothing is worse than dressing in a hurry, only to find that your fave shoes are scuffed or the dress no longer fits.

3/ Refresh your Look:

Does your hairstyle need a lift?  Do you need a new shade of lipstick?  Do your brows need to be filled in?  Assess your look and determine what needs attention and where you can make adjustments.  When you’re constantly fine-tuning, you never really feel like you need a total overhaul.  Subtle changes can have a huge impact without breaking your confidence or your budget.

4/ Amp Up your Confidence:

Nothing completes a look better than a confident smile!  If you’re not feeling as confident as you like, do something about it.  Whatever your opinion of yourself is, that is what others adopt.  So essentially, your attitude towards yourself determines how others see you.  When you can go forward with confidence, the world will believe in you!

5/ Say Something Beautiful to Yourself:

When you wake up, what’s the first thing you say to yourself?  If it’s something negative, then I want to stop you right there.  Try looking in the mirror and saying, “Girl, you’re looking good today!”  or “I am beautiful!”  This is not about your ego, but it is about honoring and believing in yourself.  Instead of focusing on your wrinkles or those extra 10 pounds, focus on what’s great about you – your smile, your eyes, your long legs, etc.  When you put the emphasis on the good instead of dwelling on the negative, you will shine!

You are beautiful and I want you to see it from the inside out.  When you work on both simultaneously, you work to empower yourself in a way that makes you unstoppable!  You go, girl!

Need help?  If you’re not sure what your style is, or where to even start, we’d love to help.  We help you get to the essence of your true style and dress in a way that makes you feel more like you, whether you’re a corporate executive or a stay at home mom.  Call us at 919-454-3068 to schedule an appointment, or just stop in today!

Photo: Shannon White