Your Guide to Shopping the Sales

We all love a sale. Many a pulse has quickened at the thought of saving 20, 50 or even 75% off! And with good reason. It’s a great chance to boost your style without girl shoppingbreaking the bank, and doing it while saving some cash makes you feel like you’re coming out ahead. Before you head out, read my tips to help you make the most of your shopping dollars – and to avoid bringing home any more one-hit wonders:

1/ Have a List

Before you hit the stores, have a list of items you know you need and that can work into your wardrobe to create more outfits using what you already have. You’ll be less tempted to buy something you don’t need when you’re focused. Plus, this is a great time to replace well-loved favorites, bring in those investment items you’ve been wishing for or try a new style that you think you’d love.

2/ Look for Season-less Items

Many items that are marked down this time of year are on sale only because of their arrival date and may actually work well year round. Buying at the tail end of the season ensures you’ll get some great deals on current merchandise. When you opt for timeless pieces you’ll get more mileage and they can freshen up what you already own.

3/ Know Where to Splurge

Even when on sale, some items are still a splurge. Understand when it’s worth it and when to move on. A neutral pair of pants that will take you through the year is a great choice. Look for great quality, fine tailoring and a perfect fit and you’ll get your money’s worth. Also, finding something that you absolutely LOVE (on you) means that you’ll wear it – over, and over. You have my permission to go for it.

4/ Don’t Settle

When something is on sale that you REALLY like, it does crazy things to our brain. Don’t try to squeeze yourself into a dress that’s 3 sizes too small, buy a top that’s not in your best color or select shoes that don’t quite fit right. The result is something you will not look forward to wearing and will probably end up in the Goodwill pile faster than you can say “all sales final.” If you don’t see your size, ask or find something else that fits you fabulously.

5/ Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

They can transform the look of what’s already in your closet and make it look brand new! Instead of opting for one necklace or a pair of earrings that may be fabulous on their own but don’t really go with anything else, buy accessories that coordinate to create capsules, i.e. choosing a necklace WITH a matching bracelet and pair of earrings, or selecting a handbag that relates to your new pair of shoes, can create a polished look and catapult your look to the next level. Need I say more?

Also, when sale shopping you may be running on adrenaline and forget to eat or stay hydrated. Keep healthy snacks and a bottle of water in your purse to avoid a melt-down and to stay level-headed. After all, who wants to make a decision on something that you can’t return when your blood sugar is low?