Your Recipe for Style

d9f22a08-b4d9-49a4-8941-954fa9fc99d9Years ago I was invited to a birthday party for a friend. When I asked if I could bring anything, she politely declined, but did mention that if I wanted to bring those spicy nuts that I made for Christmas a few years back, they would appreciate that. Wow, what a good memory!

A few years ago I discovered a recipe for what’s officially called “Sweet and Salty Toasted Pecans” in a book, Food for Friends, by Sally Vargas. I quickly took to making this recipe, and renaming them “Spicy Pecans”, every chance I got. It became second nature, and as I got comfortable with the measurements, I took a few liberties to put my own spin on them. And people remembered.

While we were sharing my Spicy Pecans, I mentioned how easy they were to make. One friend commented that she had tried the recipe that I shared with her years ago but they never tasted as good as mine. While I really don’t do anything that’s all that special to make them unique, the differences add up to a big result that is very memorable, yet not easy to exactly duplicate. Kind of like creating your Signature Style!

Have you ever tried to replicate a fabulous outfit that you saw in a magazine or on a friend, only to have it fall flat? It can be mind-boggling to discover that you’ve worked so hard to find just the right elements, then have the effect be something less than flattering. What you forgot to add were the essential elements that make an outfit work for you, and put your very own spin on it!

Here’s where to start:

1/ Body Beautiful – Take your own body into account.  This is where many women go very wrong.  Just because you love an outfit on a mannequin or in a photo does not mean it will work for you.  Don’t compare, but simply take note.  If she’s slim-hipped and you’re an hourglass, choose the bottoms that flatter your shape rather than trying to replicate hers.

2/ Color Theory – Your personal coloring will determine what colors work best on you, not what you see on a mannequin or in a photo.  If you try a color and it washed you out, take note.  Then choose one that lights you up!  This is where the magic happens.

3/ Your Signature Style – What is it that makes an outfit so YOU?  Is it your favorite statement necklace?  How you mix prints?  How you combine something vintage with something new?  Or that pair of boots that you just love?  Whatever it is, be sure and put your own stamp on your look.  Otherwise you risk feeling disconnected from who you are and won’t feel like yourself.

My own Signature Style is mixing things in new and different ways.  I always ask myself ‘what’s unexpected?”  In this photo I’m wearing a simple knit maxi-dress with a sleeveless blazer and added my gorgeous flower to make it pop! It felt comfortable, but more importantly, it felt more like me!

As your style becomes second nature to you, it also becomes more you! It’s something you could do with your eyes closed and your result is always consistent.  In short, take what works for you. If you like color, add more color. If you need more coverage, by all means find something that has it. Feel your way to your own style and trust your intuition. It will never lead you astray. Don’t allow yourself to be dictated to, but rather let a fashion recipe be the starting point for creating a look that’s all your own, and helps you to become memorable for all the right reasons.

Our Stylista’s are trained in our proprietary StyleFinder ID® system to help you get exactly what is right for you!  Sometimes we can spot it a mile away!  Sometimes it takes some trial and error.  But we’ll push you out of your comfort zone and challenge the notion that “I can’t wear that”!

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