Your Style Strategy for Spring

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Spring is almost here and right now is PRIME TIME!  No, I’m not talking about television – what I’m talking about here is your style!  You’re standing at a crucial point where you have the chance to MAKE or BREAK your style mojo for the season – and well beyond!  What I mean is this: with a little planning, you can have the ideal wardrobe you need to take you through every occasion, both large and small.

I see it every year: mid-Spring clients come flying into StyleFinder, desperate for something to wear to a BIG event that happens in a just a couple of days.  They are stressed out and willing to settle for something – anything – that works because they know they have waited until the last minute.  They barely have time to find an outfit, much less think about finding the right accessories, shoes or lingerie to go with it.  They haven’t even thought about their hair or makeup because they were too busy putting off thinking about it because they hate to shop.  But this isn’t going to happen to you, right?  

Don’t worry, you’re in good hands.  With my advice – and our Stylista’s know how – you’ll be rocking your style all spring long and others will be wondering what your secret is!  All you know is that you bit the bullet and decided NOT to put off shopping and planning your wardrobe this year, no matter how much you dislike it.  And you WILL reap the rewards in spades – in compliments because you felt relaxed, confident and sexy!  Are you ready?

1/ Personal Discovery – If you don’t know what your personal attributes are, then how can you know how to dress?  Sure, you can just grab any old thing off the rack, but it’s not going to feel right nor will it make you look your best.  Working with a professional is a great investment to help you understand what you need and how to wear it for years to come, while eliminating frustration and stress.  Our StyleFinder 101 package is a phenomenal way to create your own personal image blueprint without spending a fortune!  Call today at 919-454-3068 to book your appointment and get a $25 gift card!

2/Define Your Style – Finding the look that makes you feel more like you is like striking gold!  Start your own ‘My Style’ board on Pinterest filled with looks you love!  You’ll see a pattern emerge and it will guide you to what you want to see in your wardrobe right now!

 3/ What Are You Dressing For?– Look at what you do in any given week and that generally determines your lifestyle and how you should be dressing.  This will be a bulk of what you need, but chances are you have some special occasions coming up as well.  Make a list of all your events, large and small…weddings, parties, graduations, showers, conferences, etc.  But also include smaller events such as date night, dinners out, luncheons, meetings and more.  Once you can get clear on what’s going on in your life, then you can begin to dress for it.    

4/ Know What You Have – Take stock of your closet and what you already own. A Closet Clarity session is very helpful here.  Create your own Personal Style Journal, grab a note book and get started! You want to  make a list of what your wants and needs are.  This is a 3-part step:

  • Make a list of items that need to be replaced, updated or upgraded.
  • Make a list of what you need to fill in the gaps
  • Make a list of new items you want to add

When you are familiar with what is already in your closet, making the most of it becomes easy.  Create your shopping list and do your homework BEFORE you hit the stores and see how much more simple it is to find exactly what you are looking for!

5/ Complete Your Look – This is the fun part.  As you shop and check things off your list, then it’s time to play dress up.  Put everything on that you would wear for a specific event – shoes, jewelry, lingerie, handbag, etc. and snap a picture (either on you, or as a flat lay).  Then – and this is very important – make a list of what you need (yes, one more list!)  If you need a great new clutch to go with the dress you plan to wear to Cousin Emma’s wedding, write it down.  If you need to get your best heels resoled before that conference you’re flying out for, write it down.  If you need a great new pair of white jeans and a few tops, write it down.  Whatever you need to fill the gaps and complete your look should go on your list.

Bonus Points: Visit your hair stylist for a seasonal update in your cut, color or style.  Have your makeup done by a professional to learn about the new colors that look best on you, hacks that can take your look to new heights and tricks that can make you look years younger!

There you have it.  Five easy steps to get you on the path to looking great no matter what comes your way!  When you have a strategy, it can be simple.

Let our Stylista’s help you this spring!  Simply come into StyleFinder Boutique and let our team know what your needs are.  We can help you with a gorgeous outfit, build a wardrobe capsule, accessorize your existing outfits or help you build an entire wardrobe!  Call or come in today!


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