Your Summer Wardrobe Strategy

2The first official day of summer is almost here – is your wardrobe ready?  Chances are you’ve been so busy with weddings, graduations and everyday life that you haven’t even had a chance to think about your summer wardrobe.

Many women love shopping.  They come into the boutique once a week, or a couple of times per month.  They freshen up their wardrobe on a regular basis and always have something new to wear, along with key items such as accessories, to mix in with what they already own.  Yet for those of you who loathe shopping, the beginning of a new season is enough to make you cringe!  You know you have to wear something, but you are clueless as to where to begin.  Here is your guide to keep you looking great all summer long, even if you’re just getting started.  And it all starts with three questions:

What Do I Have?  It all starts with cleaning out your closet.  Set aside a couple of hours and do this on your own, with a professional or a trusted friend.  It doesn’t have to be as painful as you think.  I try to do mini closet purges as needed, so that a huge overhaul isn’t necessary.  Put on some great music, grab a cold drink and put on some comfy clothes that you can get in and out of easily.  You’re going to be trying things on.  Lots of things.

As you go through your summer wardrobe, remove anything that is old, stained, ripped or no longer fits.  Also, remove anything you just don’t want to wear anymore.  White clothing should be checked well for stains.  Then try on anything that’s left and determine if it still fits and flatters.  In the past year your body may have changed and things will fit differently.  Don’t be afraid to get rid of something because it’s too tight, too loose, or just doesn’t fit well.  I have gotten rid of many things over the years that were still in great shape and I loved, yet I had worn them so much they no longer brought me joy.  Their time had come to move on and replace them with something new.

Remember, just because something is not threadbare does not mean it should still be in your closet.  If a style has expired, no longer flatters you or makes you look matronly, ditch it.  There’s something better.

What Do I Need?  Take stock of what’s left of your summer wardrobe.  It may be much less than you think. Then start your list.  Keep it general at first, getting more specific as you go along.  For example, 3 pairs of pants, jeans, 2 pairs of shorts, 6-8 new tops, 3 dresses, a swimsuit and cover up, dressy sandals, casual sandals, etc.  Then add in detail:

2 pair of solid pull-on ankle-length pants, 1 pair of white cropped pants, 1 pair of white jeans, 1 Katherine Way dress, 1 lace dress, 2 printed tunics, 2 solid tanks, 2 solid tunics, 2 print tanks, Neutral metallic dressy wedge sandals, Snakeskin print casual sandals, a floral print handbag, a navy scarf that can double as a pashmina, a black cardigan that travels well,  good walking shoes, a roomy tote bag, a hat with large brim, etc.  The more specific you can get the better.  Add in favorite colors so that you know what to look for and it will make it easier to spot them.

What Do I Want? Now comes the fun part!  Visualize yourself standing on the beach in Hawaii, riding your bike through France, or in your backyard having a cookout with friends.  What are you wearing?  What would make you feel amazing?  That’s what you want to add to your list.  It could be inspired by something you’ve seen on Pinterest, something your friend was wearing, or a favorite piece from your closet that needs replacing.  This is where you get to cultivate and build your perfect wardrobe.  Choose items you know you’ll want to wear for years to come, and things that will help you look your best.

Now, take your list and get ready for some shopping!  Try on as many things as you need to get what’s right for you.  Our StyleFinder Stylista’s are known for helping clients build a wardrobe that mixes and matches and creates endless options.  Stop in or book your appointment today and get ready to rock your style this summer!